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Just read... So ridiculous it's funny

Oh Kim Jong Un..  You are so silly...

Read this article!!

Dystopian Book Club Survey

We really want to know what you think! Can you please help give us feedback or your thoughts on this project? Your ideas will help to make it better for students in the future.  Please complete the survey below and note that it is in 2 parts.

Part 1 of the Dystopian Book Club Survey

Part 2 of the Dystopian Book Club Survey

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fake Tweets

Today you will be creating some "fake tweets" composed by your novel characters. The purpose of this activity is to get you to imagine how your character would react to different situations or events from the novel.... but going BEYOND what is written on the page.

Great questions to think about as you develop this character's personality....

Create 3-4 Fake tweets written by your character. Use the classtools wiki page, then again use the Snipping Tool and take cropped screen shot.

Add 3-4 of these fake tweets to your Fakebook page. Once again explaining why you included the tweet.

By creating these fake tweets we are exploring the purpose of using one more social media site, Twitter. Twitter is often just to share good websites, videos or communicate in very short manner. Hashtags are used to track and stream conversations. Try to use hashtags to sum up your statement.

Twister (Fake Twitter tool)

Here are some examples...

Note that when you create the fake tweet and a character name a picture will be automatically selected for you.

Dystopia Novels and Themes

This is an awesome prezi on dystopia that explores many novel and lesson themes from this unit.

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animoto video of skiing

very short video of skiing... sorry not too many pics

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Edmodo links

New post link for Edmodo


City of Ember

Among the Hidden

Funky sock day for Downsyndrome Awareness

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French - winter Olympic bingo card due date changed to Monday

ELA - section 5 blog is due Monday
Edmodo questions about dystopian controls etc - all of them. Due next Thusday, March 27th

Remember skiing Monday!! Leave at 8 am... Return at 5pm. Gear up for slushy snow with extra mitts and socks! Remember Mission Ridge makes snow. 

Doppel me

Create an avatar of yourself with

You can skip signing up... just start creating your first avatar. Then copy/save (using Snipping/tool) and save to your pictures.

Later embed...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Important Dates

Dystopia stations

ELA/French Homework

Being that there was quite a few students away today, it was best to just focus on lessons and assignments which students can do on their own.

1. Blog your Meeting #5/Section #5 Inferences from the Novel and Author's message. This is the same assignment which you were discussing in groups, only now you are composing your answers into 2 well written paragraphs. Be sure to incorporate the questions for #2 and #3 into your response.
Responses are to be written in proper paragraph format with an  introduction (novel name and author name); body (includes answers with explanation and support or "proof" from the novel - include page numbers if possible; and conclusion which incorporates your own personal reaction.

*Be sure to take a look at other group members' work to see the overall expectations and framework for paragraphing.

2. Character Fakebook - Be sure to add more interactions between characters in your Fakebook page. There was an assignment sheet given over a month ago for this, that explicitely explains what you need to include. In addition to this, a rubric was also given THAT YOU NEED TO EXAMINE, so you know if you are on the right track.

3. Edmodo - Ensure you are on the right track and keeping up with the Interschool Edmodo assignments. One comment I received from another Teacher Leader is to ensure that students answer all questions and be sure to be specific in their responses.

Lastly, there was no Social. Instead there was French. The Olympic Bingo Cards are due Friday. Be sure to colour them.

Other Homework

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dystopian Visual Dictionary

Here is the google doc for the Dystopian Visual Dictionary.

I made a few changes to ensure that students can understand the expectations better.

Sample pages from visual dictionaries.... click on the links.

Monday, March 17, 2014


We will be skiing next Monday!! Yaaaaayyyy! So be prepared with appropriate gear for skiing. You might want to bring extra mitts or socks, in case it's slushy. 

In terms of assignments... Students who were not finished their Section 3 blog response on Visualization have until tonight to complete it for the Reportcard. 

In French, students who were given an extention on their Canadian medal count assignment or the Olympic Story of the Week, had until today to hand it in. Students were to use a handout with the specific website to assist them in completion. Students were also given the option of emailing me assignments if they wanted to complete it over the weekend. 

Incidentally, in the future my email is:


Just to clarify about blog assignments in ELA, the Blog for Section 5 is not due until Monday, March 24th. Students are to write 2 paragraphs for this blog. One on point of view for your novel and how this point of view impacts the story told. The other paragraph explores the author's message and what we can learn from the book in our present day society. 

Here is the question from your handout...
3.Refer back to the handout, “Dystopia: Definition and Characteristics”. Note the overall theme of a dystopian piece of literature. Obviously in every dystopian novel there is a message to our society and something that we can learn.  Think about your novel, what is the author’s message? What lesson can we learn from this novel? What statement does the author make about our society? What warning messages are evident in this dystopian novel?

Edmodo this week and next week.

Week #4: Edmodo fourth Monday (Mar 17th) - Summary discussion of Novel - same/similar questions for all novel groups

Over the course of the last two months we have brought up many dystopian themes in the classroom, on Edmodo and on Today’s Meet. For the first question reference the note page you received from your teacher titled, “Dystopias: Definition and Characteristics”. For every question in #1 use specific events and examples from the novel to explain your answers.

1.a) What are the two main Dystopian Characteristics that you can identify in the novel? b) What is the main type of Dystopian Control that you see present in the novel? c) Who do you think the Dystopian Protagonist is? Why?

2. Dystopian writing can also fall into the writing genre of “pre-apocalyptic”, “post-apocalyptic” or “science fiction”. Do you think your novel has indicators of one of these genres? Explain why or why not in one paragraph.

3. Let’s talk about your culminating activity - your Fakebook page. This is a chance for you to share ideas with your group and maybe collect new ideas that you hadn’t thought about.
- Which character are you going to focus on?
- What are some of the themes, events and ideas that you are going use for your posts?
- Who are some of the friends that your character is going to have, and what are some of the conversations you are going to add?
- What are some other ideas that you are going to include for your song, newscast or rant?

4. What are some final questions you have about a character or event that the group can clarify for you? Please take time to respond to the questions your group posts.

**Remember to create a new note for your answers - Don’t just reply on the Teacher Edmodo post, as this allows others to comment.

Friday, March 14, 2014


All overdues maybe emailed to me...

Reportcards go out Friday

Monday, March 10, 2014

Today's Meet - Surveillance in Canada!!

Week 4 Live Chat! Today’s Meet Discussion Questions
Monday, March 10th
Big Question: Are you willing to trade your on-line privacy for national security?

9:35 Watch video on airport security (Maze Runner group already watched this but it is a great video that shows a true example)

9:40 Watch video on Security and Internet experts debate Canada’s secret surveillance program

I found this link as well if the other one isn’t working - matt

Extension Video
Here is an additional video on surveillance and digital technology companies, "Why Google won't protect you from big brother: Christopher Soghoian at TEDxSanJoseCA 2012" . It's 15 minutes, so view afterwards.

Questions for discussion in Today’s Meet
1) In your opinion, after watching these videos, what is more important security and safety or privacy?
2) How would you feel and react if you were one of the people who was innocently using their mobile devices in an airport and realized after that you were being monitored?
2) Do you believe monitoring of a country’s citizens is okay if it means more protection for all?
3) Why are some people more concerned than others when it comes to monitoring privacy?
4) Are there certain people that should be monitored more closely than others? Or does this set up discrimination and prejudice?
5) If this surveillance program was around when 9-11 happened, do you think that the Terrorist Attack would have been prevented?
6) In the video they are saying that they aren’t “really” watching you until they see a “red flag” that you may be in communication with someone who is a potential threat. Do you believe this statement? Why or why not?
7) What connections can you make between the two videos that you watched and your novel?
8) What is wrong with the viewpoint of Ray Boisvert (Fmr Assistant Director of Intelligence of CSIS) that it is okay to monitor those who were not originally from Canada?

10:30 Teachers go to the following poll website and the students can use their cell phone to answer the poll question which is our today’s meet big idea question. We thought it would be cool to see what the students truly believe after chatting with each other about it. They can also use the link provided and click either yes or no. I practiced and responded with a yes and a no just to make sure it worked so feel free to enter your opinion first. (use this link if students are responding by clicking either yes or no on the computer) (use this link if students are going to text their response on their phones you can just have this one on the data projector and it gives the students the numbers to text)

10:35 Today’s meet is over!

Teacher Leader
Today’s Meet Link
Edmodo Code
Ms. Stewart-Mitchell/Ms. Treptau

City of Ember
Ms. Stewart-Mitchell
Hunger Games
Mr. Rieger
Among the Hidden
Ms. Nicolson
Mar 10
Eleventh Plague
Mrs. Folk

Mr. Redler
Maze Runner
Ms. Treptau

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Assignments to hand in or post

The following assignments will be collected tomorrow and will be on the Term 2 Reportcard. These are assignments that we've completed in the last 2 weeks or those that students may need a reminder to hand in. 

1. Section 1-2 Word Charts - 10 charts for words chosen from your novel. You had to find 3-4 synonyms, 1-3 antonyms, write the word in a sentence, explain context and connections you can make...

2. Word Sorts - Section 1 included dystopian themed words that I gave you that you had to sort, plus 10 more that you had to find from your novel and add to the sort.
Word Sort for Section 2-4 must be updated. For each section you had to add. 10-15 words (with page numbers) that your group chose. 

3. KidBlog Responses - 
Section 1 making predictions was already marked. See private comment in Kidblog. 

Section 2 Deep Thinking Questions was already marked.

Section 3 Visualizations and ONE of the Four Ways of Responding to Literature blog post is due tomorrow. Marked this weekend.

4. Edmodo Interschool Digital Bookclub - -week 1 video with questions about your book. 
-week 2 images/pictures that relate to world events and your book and questions.
-week 3 dystopian music video that connects to the book and questions, and find your own song that connects to the book and explain the connection.

I will hand back the adjectives assignment booklet: 8 pictures with 3 adjectives to describe each picture, paragraph describing yourself, paragraph describing a cartoon character. 

Thursday, hand in the:
1. Canadian Medal Count Assignment - athlete/team, sport and the medal they received. 

2.Olympic story of the week assignment.

Those students who have assignments that are overdue from December and January, and have them recorded in their agenda or on their device, you need to get them in by this weekend. You can email me with the assignment at: If you forget what an assignment entailed or need a copy of an assignment, a majority of assignments can be found as google doc link on this blog.

Thank you! 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


LINK for today's day plan...

Section 4 and 5 Assignment to replace the Golden Lines station. We will start when I return. Here is a preview. Dystopian Visual Dictionaries.

DOL - Copy and Correct the Day 5 sentences. The Day 1 sentences are there if more practice is needed. Otherwise they will be completed tomorrow.

Day 5-
1. One of the most greatest celebritys of modern science are Marie curie the discoverer of radium and polonium.

2. She worked with Pierre Curie, her husband together them winned the nobel prize in physics for there work with radioactivity.

Day 1-
1. "A hermit crab for example employes an empty shell as it's home Mr Pitts added.

2. whom wants too visit old orchard beach this weekend I have a chart that tells exactely when to expect low tyde

Monday, March 3, 2014

Day Plan

Here is a link for Tuesday's Day Plan...

- Copy and Correct.

1. Like scientists everywhere, Curie record her theorys processes and findings in notebooks.

2. More than seventy five years later, them notebooks are still to dangerous to be handled.

3. Lucia asked, "didn't the Curies work result in the use of radiation therapys to treat cancer"?

Reminders - Please complete as these were due last week and this week - depending on the Stations your group completed.

1. Blog for Section 3 due Weds (this means the post of 2-3 paragraphs on Visualization and Four Ways of Responding to Literature. Be sure to also comment on other group member's posts using the 3C's +Q model.

2. Edmodo Interschool Blogging - Ensure that last week's post is complete (Images related to your book with responses to the questions from your Interschool Teacher); and start this week's Edmodo assignment which connects music to dystopian literature!

3. Word Sort - 10 to 25 words for Section 3. If you are finished, get started on selecting 10-15 words for Section 4 (note we will do this for Section 5 too!). Be sure to write down the page number. (post it notes can assist with tracking these words).

4. Visualization Strategy - Be sure to have the sticky notes from your visualization strategy taped to your Meeting #3/Section #3 Booklet. You will take these responses and use them in the blogging this week.

5. Golden Lines -  be sure to have Section 3 Golden Lines completed (see handout)

6. Character Fakebook - Make sure you have a start to the character fake book. See the assignment expectations for Section 1-3.

Adjectives Booklet - Describing the 8 pictures chart with 3 adjectives translated for each chart. Note if it's masculine or feminine; short paragraph describing yourself; short paragraph describing a cartoon character

Canada's Medal Count - Categorize Canada's Medals into gold (Or), silver (Argent) or bronze (Bronze). Name the athlete/team (equip) and the sport in French (use the French Olympics booklet to assist you). HAND IN FOR WEDNESDAY. YOU MAY WORK IN PARTNERS.