Sunday, August 28, 2011

Where the Wild Things Are

Welcome back "Wild Things"!
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Rebus Puzzles

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"Hink Pinks" - Rhyming Words 
These rhyming words match a silly definition

Answers to Rebus #1
1. Cut above
2. Forgive and Forget
3. Tongue in Cheek
4. Cross Roads

Answers to Rebus #2

Rebus Answers

Rebus 3Rebus 4Rebus 5Rebus 6
Man OverboardBIG BABYBear in the WoodsDive in the Pool
Rebus 7Rebus 8Rebus 9Rebus 10
Too Funny for WordsBIG HEADGreen GrassDown Hill
Rebus 11Rebus 12Rebus 13Rebus 14
Inside JobBroken PromisesLong LegsLittle League
Rebus 15Rebus 16Rebus 17Rebus 18
Lost in SpaceKnock on WoodPlaying OutsidePretty Please
Rebus 19Rebus 20Rebus 21Rebus 22
Long JohnsCross RoadsBack DoorSide Show
Rebus 23Rebus 24Rebus 25Rebus 26
Shut Up and Sit Down!Outer SpaceUnfinished SymphonyTravel Overseas