Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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I am taking part in a MOOC - Massive Open Online Course. It's free and I can do as much or as little as I wish. Awesome! Learning for the sake, and love, of learning!! The latest blog I'm reading is on
Rhizomatic learning.
( the following is taken from the blog... )

Rhizomatic learning is a way of thinking about learning based on ideas described by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari in a thousand plateaus. A rhizome, sometimes called a creeping rootstalk, is a stem of a plant that sends out roots and shoots as it spreads. It is an image used by D&G to describe the way that ideas are multiple, interconnected and self-relicating. A rhizome has no beginning or end… like the learning process...

Reference, Dave Cormier's blog,

Dave asks these questions and reflects on the responses....

Why do we teach?
What does successful learning look like?
What does a successful learner look like?
How do we structure successful learning?

I'm not going to post my response... Yet... I need to think about the questions. However maybe these are questions educators need to think about as we plan, assess and evaluate not the students, but ourselves in learning. Ahhh it's late... Enough! Read the blog I linked, it's pretty thought provoking.

Here's another blog from etmooc that focuses on rhizomatic learning ... I love her idea for genius hour! Very cool!!


A blog after my heart

So I have found an amazing blog to follow. The focus is integrating technology and literacy! Love it!! http://education584.blogspot.ca/?m=1

On the blog, there are cross curricular posts which not only effectively integrate technology into lessons, but look at literacy across all subjects. Upon a quick scroll of the posts, I could see information on digital storytelling, to resources like Edcanvas, to student development of PLN Personal Learning networks.

Pretty cool!

First Nations Wisdom and Open Ed

Connection between shared learning resources and First Nations' views... Interesting blog


If you can't curate - retweet


If you can't curate - retweet


Popcorn Maker

Popcorn maker is from Mozilla and allows you to remix and recreate videos and Gif images. Mozilla provides instructions for doing these types of techno projects.

So how it be integrated into education? Imagine the old fashioned and ridiculous collage? Try a video montage on a message related to a theme or topic - or as a way to recreate or reapply what was learned in a unit. Lots of possible combinations - the key is to first look at the curriculum outcomes and explore how students could use this tool to recreate what they've learned in another way. Without rambling further, just remember that the tech is the tool not the main focus.

Remix the biography

Mozilla project for education - free and easy to use!