Monday, December 16, 2013

Good French YouTube references

Great sources

See YouTube 

Many thanks for volunteering

Our class has received many words of appreciation for our class Advent volunteer work at the Regent Park Safeway... Parents of young children and seniors offered many words of thank you through cars and emails - for the help they received with shopping. 

Well done! Grade 8, now there's showing the true spirit of Christmas!!

Here's a photo of some cheerful volunteers! 

Birth of Jesus

Child labour campaign button rubric

Ensure your button is in full colour and is eye catching. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Amazing Resource for Teachers

Teachers of all grades, check out this site... It is a curation of so many amazing tools, you just need to visit the site to get the full impact of how useful it is!

Storybird Mandela Prayer Assignment

Storybird reverses visual storytelling by starting with the image and "unlocking" the story inside. Explore artists, get inspired, and write.
Student access code


Friday, December 6, 2013

Child Labour Monologue Rubric for Writing and Presentation

Volume – Loud, easy to hear in all areas of the classroom, projection …
1           2          3        4      5
Voice – Expressive, suitable to the character, adds to the presentation and adds personality to the character. More than just “reading” the part
1           2          3        4     5
Pacing  - Appropriate pauses for emphasis, adds to the story, not too slow or fast
1           2          3        4      5
Preparation – Obviously the student prepared for the presentation, note familiarity, no excess pausing to find place… or stumbling on what is written
1           2          3        4      5
Enthusiasm – Eye contact, dramatic inflection in speech. Student is ready to share their child labourer’s life story.
1           2          3        4      5
Presentation Extras – Inclusion of images which reflect the presentation (picture of child labourer, images which reflect main aspects of their lives from presentation). Note level of preparation with either a slide show or images included in blog.
1           2          3       4       5

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Organizing Persuasive Writing Interactive Outline

Awesome interactive outline for persuasive writing...

Well known Human Rights Activist Nelson Mandela passes away today

Nelson Mandela, one of history's greatest leaders passed away today. If you check out this link you can see Twitter feeds that are trending around the world. Globally Nelson Mandela and what he has done for humanity was on everyone's mind...

* Click on the link above to access the Google Doc
See Trend map twitter feed...

CBC links on Nelson Mandela

Interactive Timeline on the life and times of Nelson Mandela  - CBC

Photo Album of Mandela's life

Video on Mandala as an activist

Video clip: The Legacy of Mandala

For Teachers - Critical reflection questions on Mandela's life

Words of Wisdom from Nelson Mandela - No wonder he is a Nobel Peace Prize winner

Blog Assignment
Why is Mandela called a freedom fighter? Why did he inspire so many?
Paraphrase your favourite quote from Mandela. In a blog post explain what it means to you personally. Why should we reflect and think about the life of this great activist?


Be sure to also have all revisions for the monologue completed too. Add to Kidblog and find pictures which reflect your presentation. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Transition practice work sheet

Revising the child labour monologue

1. To revise for content, reference the questions given on your original sheet with the assignment and graphic organizer (kid with soccer ball).

2. To revise for organization, read through your paragraphs. Ensure each paragraph has an opening and closing sentence. Read your paragraphs and look for transitions. You should have at least one or two per paragraph. 

Transition words - for connecting ideas 

3. To revise for word choice, grab a thesaurus! But ensure that you use "million dollar words" well. Include figures if speech like similes, metaphors and personification. Try to incorporate one figure if speech. Be sure that you have described life with specific adjectives and adverbs. Ensure that in at least 2 paragraphs you have described some aspect of your life. 

Great comment on blogging for teachers
Why blogging is worthwhile and improves learning! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Child Labour Monologue draft

Grade eights as you could see from homework postings, you had a rough draft due Tuesday for the child labour monologue. We will revise Weds and Thursday and start final touches to your good copy on Friday. Class monologue presentations will start Monday and Tuesday. Start reviewing speaking tips (earlier posts related to Child Labour - found on this blog). 

Just something that caught my attention

Creative project GIFs - how do they do that??

Christmas GIFs

Just something that caught my attention

Creative project GIFs - how do they do that??