Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pic Lits poem

PicLit from PicLits.com
See the full PicLit at PicLits.com

StoryBird and Other Great Edtech Resources

I stumbled upon a great collection of educational interactive tools. I decided to check them out and include the ones I thought were worth an educator's time. If it's free, it made me really  happy... actually fireworks erupted in front of my eyes and I think I could hear a faint humming in my ears. Oh... I really need to get out....

scoop.it  is a magazine on what's popular on the web... FREE!
Management tool for Teachers... Class Dojo... More free stuff! Classdojo.com

Do you have students that are required to write a story, but just don't know where to begin?? Or students that are RELUCTANT to even write? Try Storybird, this FREE site provides a huge collection of artwork that students can use as inspiration to write stories.
Visit Storybird.com
Did I mention that it's FREE??
You can give each student  a log in and password.  They do not need their own email account.  The account is also private. Sweet!

Want to grab everyone's attention with your own talk show? Seriously, your own talk show? How insane is that?  Students will love it. Just note that there is quite an eclectic collection of unusual shows on the site. Visit blogtalkradio.com - Create a FREE "original talk show", internet radio show or podcast for 30 minutes. Students can set up fairly easily, or teachers can create a classroom site. Remember to keep students' identities to "on-line identities" or false identities for security. Site provides a forum for audio blogging for students... and it's free!!

Need a place to create a slideshow for a class collaborative project? Need something simple? Try picturetrail.com - to create on-line slideshows....
Easy to use... just add photos, choose decorations,background and transitions...save and get code, and it's FREE!

3-D pictures... Yes, make regular photos 3-D... Use for Visual Art, Language Arts, Social Studies...   Try photosynth 
http://photosynth.net/default.aspx  - Capture your world in 3-D.  Shoot wraparound panoramas or full "synths", share them with friends, and publish them to Bing... all for FREE!

Fake Facebook Wall Creator - Visit the "Wall Machine" at http://thewallmachine.com
Yep, it's FREE!

This is FREE too!

LiveBinders.com - Collect binders, organize information, make your site a knowledge "hub"... More importantly, eliminate hundreds of bookmarks and allow accessibility from every computer... All this for FREE!

Imagine a FREE PLN for your classroom. A place where you can post assignments, showcase student work, embed video clips, create polls, share links, allow for student collaborative assignments... Plus... there are no student emails required, therefore protected for students and it's easy to use!! Interested yet??? Visit edmodo.com

minigroup.com - collaborative site... Try it with students... Initial program is FREE.

www.snacktools.com - use to create portfolios or digital "flip books" of student work... FREE app for Ipads.

piclits.com - Words and photographs inspire users to write, express themselves, and share their work with others. The site provides a forum for creative writing (poetry...), social interaction, and can also be used as a teaching tool. Super easy to sign up... Easy to embed into a blog or create a link! Organize and share the best of the web with your students for FREE!

http://www.symbalooedu.com/linoit.com - On-line stickies... FREE mind mapping web tool. No registration required to post on a canvas (only to create one). Use for collaboration and sharing. Include photos and videos.

8 FREE tools for teachers from Microsoft...

BYOD Infographic

BYOD: The Good the Bad the Ugly infographic

Good Infographic on Social Media and Teens...

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Want to create your own infographic... Free stuff!