Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New sites that grab my attention

Check out
learn how to use it at the site below, there is a video tutorial.
Students will need an e-mail account.

What it is: Capzles is another interactive timeline maker. I really love all the little extras that Capzleshas! With Capzles teachers and students can add photos, videos, audio, and text to their timeline. Themes, colors, backgrounds, and background music can be added to the timeline making it unique and personalized. Capzles also provides options when sharing your Capzle, it can be private with a specific list of who can view the Capzle or made public for the world to see.

History to music... How to integrate History for Music Lovers into the classroom: This is my new favorite way to introduce a history topic.  If this doesn’t grab student attention and leave them wanting to learn more, I don’t know what will.  The collection of videos is a fantastic place to start learning.  The lyrics give students just enough information that when they begin fleshing out the period or figure in history with additional reading or research they will have a solid base to build from.  The lyrics are catchy, students will forever associate William the Conqueror with Sexyback.
Go to Youtube and check out the related links...

City of Ember Daily Assignments

Chapter 1- 9 for The City of Ember

Daily Novel Assignments -

Chapter 10 to end... for The City of Ember

City of Ember Chapter 10 on... -

Click or double click - save and print...

Social Studies Site for Current Events News Timeline Videos

This site is super amazing... it is everything we need for current events and social wrapped up into one!!
Check it out!!! We are definitely going to use this.