Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Common Sense Media

Yep another awesome resource... love it... from ratings on novels for teens to apps and appropriate age level. This site is great for parents and teachers.

Teachers, I particularly love the curriculum related page. There is cyber bullying awareness units. See the toolkits link below.

The Media and Me - Stereotyping lessons and videos

Digital Citizenship from K- 12

Most lessons are FREE, but teachers and parents will have to register at...

Groovin' Sharks?? Huh??

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Well, don't feel obliged to listen to the music playlists I added, but check it out for yourself! It's FREE!!!!  Create your own playlists and play from your computer.

Seriously, this is a great site! Again, it's free... listen to your favourite songs in a playlist format without having to download.... Slick and easy!