Tuesday, March 4, 2014


LINK for today's day plan...

Section 4 and 5 Assignment to replace the Golden Lines station. We will start when I return. Here is a preview. Dystopian Visual Dictionaries.

DOL - Copy and Correct the Day 5 sentences. The Day 1 sentences are there if more practice is needed. Otherwise they will be completed tomorrow.

Day 5-
1. One of the most greatest celebritys of modern science are Marie curie the discoverer of radium and polonium.

2. She worked with Pierre Curie, her husband together them winned the nobel prize in physics for there work with radioactivity.

Day 1-
1. "A hermit crab for example employes an empty shell as it's home Mr Pitts added.

2. whom wants too visit old orchard beach this weekend I have a chart that tells exactely when to expect low tyde