Wednesday, June 30, 2010

RBC Blue Water Project 22: Craig's Interview

1. In the interview, Craig describes 2 types of rains, "he rain" and a "she rain". What's the difference?

2. Why is a water catchment system needed?


RBC Blue Water Project 22 - Free The Children

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Favorites for the summer...

"Eclipse" comes out tonight... I am going to a midnight screening with my sister in Calgary. Should be fun. I can't wait to line up with people that are mostly the age of my students. I don't care... I will stand up with pride and say, "Yes I am not a teenager... and yes I love the Twilight series!" Actually I probably wont say that... well only if my sister encourages me!

I went... I watched... I loved the movie "Eclipse". I don't want to give away anything or create any spoilers... but it is now my absolute favorite movie of the three Twilight sagas...  Best action and dialogue. Yes, my husband still wants to throw up every time I mention it... but to all Twilight fans - young and old(er)... you will love it.

Oh by the way, the wait in line was interesting... Yes, it was as suspected, my sister and I and a handfull of adults... standing amoungst many, many, many excited tweens, teens and twenty somethings...
There were many true fans... the t-shirt wearing, cullen look a likes and those with their copies of Eclipse in hand. I really felt unprepared showing up to stand in line with my coffee and my sister's blanket. Yes those fans were true fans... all willing to sit, stand and read while standing in line. Waiting... Some waited for 12 hours - yes 12 hours to get in to the 12 am performance. I waited for 2 hours... yes I did question my sanity a few times while standing in line... but we bought the tickets and there was no backing out...

And regardless of what some may say...  I still don't care... I loved it! I think seeing it in a theatre with hundreds of other fans really helped to add to the excitement. I had to chuckle a few times when members of the audience clapped over a few scenes or when a random person in the audience yelped, "YES" when Edward asked Bella a certain question... (you know the question if you are a true fan!) Not to mention the super hilarious young guy sitting next to my sister and I, who kept squirming and leaning forward to listen more carefully to Bella's dialogue with Jacob and Edward. There were a few times my sister wanted to clobber the girl sitting next to her that kept giggling and jumping up and down in her seat everytime something exciting happened... apparently it didn't take much for her to get excited...

Anyways... overall the action was better (better cinematography), the dialogue was funnier, and the hair was better. Jasper's hair is way better than in New Moon... and really that sums up the hair issue... for anyone who happens to also get annoyed by bad wigs and predictable sucky dialogue.... If you hate Twilight, like my husband, you are probably thinking, "Isn't that the whole movie?? All the movies?? All the books?? Isn't everything predictable and overly sappy?? Maybe... but I still like them... (Sigh)

Other movies to recommend so far for this summer

"Slum Dog Millionaire" - Watch it with your parents... some scenes pretty shocking - but not over the top. Good movie for teens and adults... very real.

 If you have any to recommend, then send me an e-mail.... yes I know you are on holidays. As you can see, so am I!

Uglies, Pretties, Specials... teen fiction. Highly recommended by a couple of my students. Very good books, interesting social messages, sci fi... I would recommend for teens.

Hunger Games, Catching Fire and in August... the next book comes out!!! I absolutely love this series! It's great for teens or adults.

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner - a novella by Stephenie Meyer

"I Don't Want to Know" - David Myles... A little "folkie" but I like it...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Me to We Leadership Stuff

Here's some information on the ME to WE charity (Part of Craig Kielburger's Free the Children). Watch the clip if you are interested.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

French Vacation Assignment
* Individual assignment
* Powerpoint or a glog (must have a glog account already set up with me)
* Word Doc. - Report with pictures
Glogs - Post (Save and Publish) at
Powerpoints - e-mail to me at or

Tasks - Include information on the following:
1. Flight times and destination (round trip)
2. Other transportation - trains, buses, taxis, tour buses
3. hotels, hostels, places to stay
4. 10 tourist attractions (museums, historical sites, theme parks, fun activities
5. plan for at least 3 activities that you will do.
6. Include 5 restaurants that you will visit.
7. Write in French - 50% or half of the sentences must be written by YOU not a translator program. For mor complex sentences, you may use googletranslator to help you.

Sentences - Use the handout: "Vive Les Vacances" it has most of the vocabulary that you will need.
Basic verb structure:  Je vais ... (I'm going ... FUTUR PROCHE tense)
Ex: Je vais visiter....( I am going to visit...)
Je vais manger a ... (I am going to eat at ... (the a has the accent on it).
Je vais prendre un promenade sur la plage. (I am going to take a walk on the beach).
Je vais prendre un autobus (I am going to tak a bus)
Je vais prendre un metro (....... subway)
Je vais faire un randonnee ( I am going to do a hike)
Je vais acheter un aller et retour (I am going to buy a round trip ticket).
Je vais arriver a l'aeroport a:________(time in blank) - (I am going to arrive at the airport at:___)
Je vais arriver a ______________( name of place you are going).
J'ai visiter l'agence de voyage (I visited the travel agency).
Je vais faire de la natation (I am going to go swimming)
Je vais faire du roller.
Je vais faire de la natation
Je vais faire du ski nautique
Je vais faire du snow-boarding
Je vais faire une promenade.
Je vais prendre un autobus.
Je vais prendre un autocar
Je vais prendre un avion
Je vais prendre un bateau

Je suis monter a la montagne (I  climb a mountain)
J'ai fait du bronzage (I suntanned).
J'ai lu des livres. (I read books)
J'ai fait du camping
J'ai nage dans la piscine
J'ai voyage. (I travelled)
J'ai pris des photos (I took photos)
Je suis alle a la peche (I went fishing)
J'ai fait du sport (I played some sports)
J'ai marche dans le foret (I walked in the forest)
J'ai mange dans les restaurants. (I ate in restaurants)
J'ai fait du velo ( I cycled)
J'ai fait un voyage dans les montagnes. (I travelled in the mountains).
1. Content:  all tasks listed above are included.  /10
2. Sentences - At least 1/2 of the sentences are written by the student and relate to the activities or vacation. The other sentences may be written with the aid of a translator site. /10
3. Mechanics - Correct spelling, capitalization, grammar, punctuation.  /5
4. Vocabulary reflects learning in class or use of resources from class and other resources. Correct French names of countries or cities. /5
4 Layout and Design - Pictures that show activities or attractions of the place. All attractively designed. /10

TOTAL - /40

Monday, June 14, 2010

Adding Integer Video with good music!!

Here's a video that I "borrowed" from another teacher from the U.S. that commented on my blog. As you know I really don't need much encouragement to blog... but it made my day anyways! It turns out she has good math videos. Oh by the way, she liked my way of explaining multiplying and dividing integers using the "Integer Party" analogy.

Pretty cool!!

Linear Equations made simple, with an awesome video from the ZeroSumRuler teacher from the U.S.. Seriously, it's a whole unit of study condensed into a short video with cool music. Really, this made may day... again!! Stewie... Then again, I'm probably just overtired....

Viewing Questions

The following Viewing Questions can be printed off. They go with the blog titled, "Say No to Plastic"

ELA – Viewing Questions “Step Up” Videos

Video Slideshow – “Yours Truly, BP”

1. What did BP CEO, Tony Hayward say about how much oil has escaped?

2. How do the following 2 images contrast what he said?

3. State one other quote from the video.

4. What is the overall message of the video? How does the creator paint this picture?

5. How do the lyrics of the song help to send the message?

“Rich Fish”

1. What is the “bright side” stated in the video?

2. How much “money” could each fish have coated on them?

3. When fish have been coated with oil twice, what did the spokesperson say was the “appropriate phrase”?

4. What was the final comment from the spokesperson? “We’re not spilling _______, we are spreading ___________________ around.”

5. Explain why this video is a “spoof” of an actual BP apology video.

“Say No to Plastic” video with catchy music…

Complete the phrases…

1. “No Matter ____________________, what you _______ affects our _____________.

2. Why are the oceans in peril (danger)? We use _______________________________.

3. Every year, Americans throw away _______ million plastic ____________________.

4. Worldwide, we go through 10 ________________ plastic bags per week.

5. We create enough plastic film to shrinkwrap ________________ (name of American state).

6. Every piece of plastic ever made _____________________________.

7. Every piece of plastic ends up in the ______________.

8. List 2 ways you can help save the oceans.

“The Story of Bottled Water” (2010)
1. What is manufactured demand?

2. Which product do people usually prefer in taste tests? Bottled or tap?

3. How much more does bottled water cost in comparison to tap? _____________ times more.

4. How did the bottled water industry create manufactured demand?

a. Make people ____________ about tap water.

b. Create fantasy by __________________________________.

c. Bottled water is especially bad because bottled water containers are made of ____________________. This substance is made from __________________.
d. Energy is used to make the bottle, more energy is used to ship it around the planet, then we drink it about ________minutes.

5. Where do all the recycled bottles go?

6. What does downcycle mean? Bottles turned into __________ quality products that are later thrown away.

7. How can you “take back the tap”? Name 2 ways.

8. Around the world a__________________ people do not have access to clean water.
“Charles Moore – The Great Pacific Plastic Trash Island” (2009)

1. What was “throw away living”? Why was it "celebrated"?

2. There are 2 _______________plastic beverage bottles are used in the US every 5 minutes.

3. Off of Baha, California there is a bottle depo, which is very close to a bird sanctuary. What is scattered all over the beaches?

4. Hundreds of thousands of albatross chicks are dying from eating something in the oceans. Describe the contents of what the Laysan albatross chicks are eating.

5. Why do they eat these things?

6. There is more _____________ than plankton in many areas of the ocean.

7. Why can fisherman NOT sell organic fish that has been caught wild in the ocean?

8. Moore believes you ________________ clean up the oceans, but he believes people can help by…

9. Plastic is not purified when it is recycled. Therefore it cannot be recycled to make high quality consumer products. What does this mean to you?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

global warming and water protection videos

He's more than just an actor...
More from Leonardo's website...

Take Action today to Save Our Oceans: Learn about plastics and sign the pledge to reduce your plastics use!
Plastics Pledge
The 11th Hour Trailer

"I'm soooo sorry!" love, B.P.

Ever wonder what kind of surface area the Gulf oil spill would take up if it was in your back yard?? Click on the link below and find your area on the map.

Video "It's Oil We Use It Everyday" - Reflection on our dependence on Oil...Just more to think about... Are we really doing our part to make a difference?? How dependent are you??

Watch the video and check out the statements from British Petroleum. Notice how the photos are organized to contrast B.P.'s quotes.

Rich Fish... Satire video

Say no to plastic...

The Story of Bottled Water...

20/20 Bottled Water Video

Plastics in the Ocean

North Pacific Gyre

Images in a slide show of the Great Garbage Patch

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Math Practice grade 8

1. What is a perfect square?

an answer when a number is multiplied by itself.

12 x 12 = 144 so 144 is a perfect square.

- calculator - hit the square root, if a decimal not a perfect square.

2. square root - 351 is between which 2 numbers?

18.73 18 and 19

3. Ratio - 12:16 what is it in lowest terms? (divide 4 ) 3:4

4. 8 students are in band. This is 20% of the class, how big is the class?

20% = (divide by 100) 8/? = 20%... 100 / 20 = 5 x 8 = 40 students are in the class.

5. A c.d. player costs $90 and the GST is 6%. How much is the c.d. player in total.

90 x 0.06 = _____ + 90 = total.

6. 3 1/2 pies to share between 5 people. How much pie does each person get?

3 1/2 = 7/2 divided by 5 =

7. Nolan has a $3000 bond that pay
7. Nolan has a $3000 bond that pays 7% interest / year. How much money (including interest) will he have after 4 years?

$3000 x 0.07 = _____ + 3000 = ____ (year 1)

(year 1 total) x 0.07 = ________ +3000 (year 2)

8. 4m + 5 k

k if m=3 and k=(-2)

9. Carl has some c.d's and d.v.d's.

He has 15 more dvd's than twice the number of c.d.'s.

He has 50 dvd's

How many c.d's does he have?

4 x 3 + 5 x (-2)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Math Diagnostic Review Grade 7 and 8

Grade 7/8 Math Final Assessment (Regina Catholic Schools Diagnostic Review Test)
Dates: Friday, June 11th and Monday, June 14th
**** Marks will count on the reportcard. Students should prepare in advance, using the review sheet; especially those going to track.
**** You will need your TEXTBOOK for the REVIEW!!!

Grade 8 RCS – Math Assessment – Review

*** A big thank you to Mr. McCulloch for compiling these review sheets.
Section 1: Multiple Choice

1. pg 85 #7

2. pg 99 #5 & 7

3. pg 51 #5 &6

4. pg 142 #5

5. pg 145 – Example 1

6. pg 203 #9

7. pg 151 #14

8. pg 49 – Example 2

9. pg 396 – Example 2

10. pg 385 #7

11. pg 385 #12

12. pg 64 – Example 1

13. Ms. S-M – Demo (Linear Graphs)

14. pg 107 – Example 1

15. pg 137 – Example 1

16. pg 107 – Example 1

17. pg 175 #13

18. pg 180 #5

19. pg 29 – Example 1

20. omit

21. Ms. S-M – Demo (Nets)

22. pg 29 – Example 1

23. pg 29 – Example 1

24. pg 423 - #3

25. pg 29 – Example 1

Section 2: Problem Solving

Section 3: Basic Math Computation

Grade 7 RCS – Math Assessment – Review

Section 1: Multiple Choice

1. pg 207 #8

2. pg 130 #14 & 15

3. pg 138 #12

4. pg 138 #14

5. pg 314 #9

6. pg 234 #8 & pg 242 #6

7. pg 143 #9 (a)

8. pg 143 #10

9. pg 128 – Key Ideas Diagrams

10. pg 130 #15

11. pg 130 #23

12. pg 58 #10

13. pg 406 #6

14. pg 412 #15

15. pg 355 #9

16. pg 340 #14

17. pg 368 #5,6, & 7

18. pg 278 #3

19. Omit

20. pg 98 #8

21. pg 27 #14

22. pg 285 #4

23. graphing

24. pg 426 #4

25. pg 163 #5

Section 2 – Problem Solving

Section 3 – Basic Math Computation

Monday, June 7, 2010

Development Assistance Glog Assignment


Due Date: Monday, June 14.


1) Part A - Research Chart - Homework Check

2) Part B - Questions on the types of assistance and the MDG that it connects to. (10 minimum reasons etc.... see questions. Jot note responses. - Homework Check.

3) Part C - Report your Findings in the form of Glog (use your account)


TITLE: Social - Development Assistance (write your first name ONLY)

BRANCH OF CIDA: (look at your handouts)


- Map of the country (countries) that needs assistance.

- Name of country that needs

- MDG that will be targeted

- Type of Development Assistance that this country (countries) need.

- 5-10 reasons why you think this

- images/photos that relate to the facts or connect to the country (Google images/tag galaxy)

- Extras: music that connects to the assignment, graphics etc.


1. Engagement with key concepts – Glog demonstrates engagement with the important issues raised through through the Development Assistance Analysis of Chart

2. Facts and Content-

- How will you help the country? What are these country’s needs? What MDG (Millenium Development Goal) does this connect to?

- At least 10 specific facts (that demonstrate a correct understanding of map) and the facts on the map. Facts must support response and make sense.

- MDG that you are targeting.

3. Visuals Chosen-

- a map of the region to be helped must be included (arrows etc pointing to the country)

- photos or images that show the type of aid needed and images of people in the country that reflect the aid needed or images of the country.

4. Layout/Design/ “Extras”

- Background design must fit the assignment.

- All images must be appropriate and connect to what is learned.

- Images must be placed in a meaningful way.

- Music or extra graphics must fit the assignment.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Students you still need to create a 1-3 paragraph blog on your thoughts on the oil spill. Ensure that you have proper paragraph organization and that it is edited for mechanical errors etc. You can post the blog (include your initials or a nickname that I can recognize with your blog please).

Here are some depressing and shocking photos from the spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Click on the links to the ctv website.

Brown Pelicans in oil

Wild life affected by oilspill

Effort to contain Gulf spill stalls as oil spreads

Leonardo de Caprios Eco website... lots of great stuff on the oil spill.

Burning Oil
Gulf 'media blackout' triggers journalist fury
CBS, CNN, the New York Times — these are not fringe media outlets. And when Anderson Cooper and Katie Couric complain about press barricades, you know that not only is the rumored media blackout very real, but it is clearly also very serious.
Oil Spill
Gulf Oil Spill: BP’s Poor Record So Far Dulls Hope for Future
In the more than seven weeks since its deep-sea well exploded and began belching oil and gas into the Gulf of Mexico, all BP has done is make the leak worse.
BP logo with oil
From the Ground: BP Censoring Media, Destroying Evidence
Orange Beach, Alabama -- While President Obama insists that the federal government is firmly in control of the response to BP's spill in the Gulf, people in coastal communities where I visited last week in Louisiana and Alabama know an inconvenient truth: BP -- not our president -- controls the response. In fact, people on the ground say things are out of control in the gulf.
Anti Oil
Want to Avoid Using Oil? It’s in Everything from Shampoo to Vitamins
Washington(AP) -- So the Gulf oil spill has you ready to quit petroleum cold turkey? Louisiana's brown pelicans have more of a chance of avoiding Big Oil than you do.
Oil Covered Bird
Oil-Coated Birds Could Be Cooked Alive as Gulf Heats Up
Things keep getting worse and worse for the bird populations around the Gulf Coast. First, experts revealed that once a bird is coated in oil, it's almost certain to die -- citing that less than 1% survive, even if they're thoroughly cleaned. Now, scientists are worried that oil-covered birds will literally be cooked alive by the heat-absorbing oil.
Oil Rig
Obama overlooked key points in offshore drilling review
Washington — Weeks before the world had ever heard of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, President Barack Obama stood in the Roosevelt Room of the White House poring over maps of oil drilling sites in the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and elsewhere.

For more news...
Mother Nature Network
Huffington Post Green
DeSmog Blog
It's Getting Hot in Here

Thursday, June 3, 2010


The Grade 7/8's are going to be given a math "final" test on Friday, June 11 and Monday, June 14. This test is provided by the Regina Catholic School Board and the results will be submitted to the board as well. All students in our school division are expected to complete this test appropriate for their grade/learning level.

We will be doing some practice for the assessment in class, but students are encouraged to do some of the review on their own time. This test is culmination of different skills and tasks that they have learned in Math over the course of this year. It will be made up of calculations (operations) as well as questions that involve problem solving. The questions will be very similar to the types of tasks the students completed this year in assignments, quizzes and tests. The final grade the students receive will be incorporated into reportcard marks, however it will not have more weight than any other tests or quizzes.  

If you have any questions feel free to call me at the school.

Ms. Stewart-Mitchell

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


TO STUDENTS IF YOU ARE GLOGGING ANY ASSIGNMENTS (ELA AND SOCIAL), you need to have a glog account created with me. REMEMBER to keep your ID and PASSWORD with you. You need that information to access To find the glog site you can click on "stewie" in the glog (poster) to the right (as your cursor passes over it, it will show up with pink circle around it.) "stewie" is hyperlinked to the glog...just click and you will access the site. Click on the LOGIN area on the top right corner of the webpage.

REMEMBER to keep all CONTENT APPROPRIATE, if it is not... your account will be DELETED.