Friday, March 16, 2012

Social Studies

First Nations and Cultural Imprints lesson... Images and Links that connect to our lesson today...

Cool blog on West Coast First Nations Culture... includes video on an artist carving a totem pole... Super cool!

How we shape the land to meet the needs of our way of life...

How do the oil sands of Fort McMurray reflect our ecological footprint?

What's the whole ecological footprint about anyways? Wondering take the test... When we did the activity as a class (averaging our responses) we discovered that we would need 4.5 earths to live the way we do. When Emilio took the test based on the way an average South American lives, we learned that they live on 0.5 of an earth, which means the people require less resources to live and are definitely living sustainably.

How does traditional First Nations architecture influence us?

Ways in which the buffalo was used traditionally by First Nations people

How resources were used traditionall by First Nations peoples... and looking at resources and their use in Canadian History