Monday, October 18, 2010

Glogster and Kidblog

Remember to access you need that crazy userid that I gave you. Most of you have it written in your agenda and know the password. You will be using Glogster for the Terry Fox poster. For more info, scroll through my blog. (not kidsblog...) is for classroom blogging. We will use it to communicate with Corporal Hamelin in Sudan as well as blogging to other questions in ELA and Social.
You all have a user id and a password for this site as well.
Just go to the site and log in with the userid that I gave you. It will be your first name and possibly a number behind it. You all know your password. We discussed it in class. Feel free to come to me to change your password. It just takes a second or 2.

Ms. Stewie

Inspiring Young People

The following is information that Darleen forwarded to me. Take a look at the links and information below. If any students find information like this, feel free to pass it along...

Youtube video about Zach:

Little Red Wagon official website:

Zach's moving speech:

Zach's interview on 96.9 The Kat Todd Baker:

He founded an organization called "The Little Red Wagon Foundation" for children who don't have homes in America.

In 2007, Zach began his three-stage "My House to the White House" project. The project's purpose was to raise money and awareness for homeless children. In 2007, he walked 280 miles from Tampa to Tallahassee, Florida, while in 2008, he covered 250 miles from Tallahassee to Atlanta, Georgia. In the final leg of the trip, he walked 668 miles from Georgia to Washington D.C. Upon the completion of the "My House to the White House" project, Bonner planned another project, March Across America. From March 23 to September 14, 2010 with Cody Robert Simpson. He walked 2,448 miles from Tampa to Los Angeles.

Zach has done a variety of volunteer work since he was six years old. In 2004, when Hurricane Charley hit neighborhoods, he collected 27 pickup trucks of water in his little red wagon. He established the Little Red Wagon Foundation to "continue helping kids more efficiently".Bonner teamed up with the StandUp For Kids and collected 400 backpacks of supplies, nicknamed "Zachpacks", for homeless children. The Zachpacks were filled with donated snacks, toys, and toiletries.

Bonner organized Christmas parties for homeless children living in Baker, Louisiana, and he gave Christmas presents to Hurricane Katrina victims.

In April 2007, he organized 24 Hours, an event that simulated being homeless for 24 hours. During that period of time, students in high schoolstayed in their own separate boxes for 24 hours.

Zach Bonner's "My House to the White House" project took place in three stages covering 1,225 miles to raise awareness and funds for homeless children. The first leg in 2007 from November 3-26 covered 280 miles from Tampa to Tallahassee, Florida and raised $25,000.The second leg in the fall of 2008 covered over 250 miles from Tallahassee to Atlanta, Georgia.

The third leg of the trip began May 11, 2009. The 668-mile, 59-day walk from Georgia to Washington D.C. was completed on July 10. Bonner met with Saxby Chambliss and spoke with several other U.S. Senators on Capitol Hill. He slept at the Sasha Bruce emergency shelter.

In 2010, he walked from Tampa to Los Angeles. Calling the trip "March Across America", he began the 2,478-mile walk on March 23, 2010. Bonner walked an average of 17–22 miles every day. During his walk, he gave gift cards to people in need.[17] Lee Cowan of NBC Nightly News' "Making A Difference" profiled Bonner in early August; Cowan called Zach a "pint-sized philanthropist". On the show, Zach said that "When you're having a bad day you (have) to realize that someone else is having a lot worse of a day than you."

Bonner planned to complete the walk by September, after 178 days of walking. On September 14, 2010, Bonner completed the nearly 2,500-mile-walk to Los Angeles.