Tuesday, May 1, 2012

3 Min Retreat and Sacraments

Go to the 3 Minute Retreat under "Good Websites" of the blog or click here...
Catholic Prayer SiteDaily 3 Minute Retreat
Ensure that the speakers are on/or you have headphones... and read the Bible passages and reflect on the questions. Enjoy the relaxing music as you reflect...  Write a reflection to the questions on looseleaf in your Learning Log or place in your Religion section of your binder. Be sure to explain after you answer the questions, "How can I apply this passage to my life?" or "How can others apply the passage to their lives?"


Now that we are feeling good after Lent and the feeling of renewal after Easter... It's time to review what makes us close to God. One of the ways we can do this is to examine how the Sacraments bring us closer to God and allow us to examine the cermonies that  show what is significant or important for Catholics. The celebration of the 7 sacraments allows us to examine the special occasions we have for experiencing God's presence in our lives. So now let's reflect on (yes I know how you love to reflect...) HOW TO LIVE THE DIVINE LIFE. What does that mean anyways?? See the video below.

Let's get indepth in the sacraments...  Yes, Videos!!!!
Why we baptize... Sacrament of Batism

Check out Busted Halo's video on the topic...

Why we confirm...Sacrament of Confirmation

Why do we take Communion? ... Sacrament of the Eurcharist

Why do we have to go to confession? Sacrament of Reconciliation....
Part 1 video on Reconciation...

Part 2 Reconciliation... Why are there 2 videos on reconciliation??? Lots of reasons to confess and seek forgiveness.... We're all sinners! It's true!!!

Who can receive the anointing of the sick ..??? Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick...

** Sound may be off on the video above.

Why is marriage a sacrament?  Sacrament of Marriage...

What does it mean to say "yes" to God? Sacrament of Holy Orders...

Now that you are feeling pretty "smart" with your understanding of the sacraments, Let's apply our knowledge.


Create a mini poster on 8 1/2 x 11 paper that represents the 7 sacraments... Include a symbol of the sacrament with a very brief explanation of that particular  sacrament in your words. You may use some of the same symbols that are on the website... but try to be a little creative.

For more information on the 7 Sacraments, check out the site below...



Social Test Review

TEST – Tuesday, May 8th allowed a Study Sheet (Created by you)

Review for Test… You need to study the following…

1. Society and Culture (November 30th) *photocopied text notes (resource)

• Definitions to know:

• Culture

• Cultural Diversity

• Patterns of culture: physical geography, history, language, religious beliefs, technology,

economy, possessions they prize, politics, families, artistic expression, educational system,

recreation, standards for beauty

• Stereotyping

• Prejudice

• Discrimination

2. What is Culture? (photocopy of a text resource) *See your questions and responses to go with this handout.

• A model for culture

• Core values vs. Secular values

• Culture and the Environment (part of the What is Culture handout)

• Ecological footprint

• Cultural Imprint

• Cultural landscapes

• Examine, “Thinking it Over” questions and your questions, “Culture and the Environment”

3. What Happens When Cultures Meet (photocopied notes from a text resource)
See the questions that go with this handout and the concept web.

*** Get any notes you missed from classmates. Ask our wonderful photocopy minions to help you out and photocopy what you need.