Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dystopian Links

Dystopian Character Fakebook Assignments...

Since we are getting to the end of the year, and I noticed that students are not keeping up with a few assignments, I decided to post a general update on the Fakebook Novel Project. Normally I would only paste this on kidblog... but I need to ensure that students get this message directly. Keep in mind that you are to also keep up with your blogging assignments on kidblog as well. All assignments can be accessed via the links below.

So, here is an update regarding your expected Fakebook assignments - If you need more information on the Fakebook assignments - or on blogging, go to the links below for the assignment...

Students Who are Up-to-date with the Fakebook assignments...
Excellent - E, Very Good - VG, Good - G
Carly - E
Tin Tin - E
Dominic - E (great "leader transmissions"- very authentic)
Jellyn - VG
Brett - E (great dialogue and development of character's voice)
Carissa - E (super memories and development of character's point of view)
Christine - VG
Khadeeja - VG
Emilio - VG
Rolan - E (great use of videos for the character... nice choice of music)
Lundy - G
Anna - VG
Micaela - E (although, change Gale's picture...)

Students Who Need to Do More on the Fakebook Assignments...
Henry (extension made due to you being that you are new to the class and Canada)

Students Who Need to Start Their Fakebook Assignments... (or send me the link on kidblog, as stated in your assignments and discussed in class).

Other Notes...
* Max, I have seen your new Fakebook page, but can you resend the new link to me on kidblog?