Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week 2 Today's Meet

Today’s Meet - The Greatest Dystopian Society
9:45 Watch video...

10:00 Live Discussion

Questions You Will Explore – Review the
questions before watching the video, jot note reactions right after watching
the video. Then get ready to discuss!

1. How would it feel to be sold to someone else?
2.  What would be some negative things associated with the
idea of China monitoring everything that you do? What if that happened here in
3. What if you were treated differently because of your
4. What if citizens were constantly under surveillance?
5. What if you were under constantly being guarded by
military? Are you being guarded or being watched?
6. What if the government or military acted like they were
above the law?
7. What connections do you see with this video and your
novel? (With speaking out the government, surveillance of the people etc). Do
you agree with the narrator that this could be happening here in Canada? Do you
ever wonder if your phone is a tracking device?
8. What questions or comments do you have about your novel?
What connections can you make between your novel and the video? Are people
guarded or monitored in your novel? How does this impact how they live? Their
rights? Their freedoms? Their freedom to express themselves? Can you make a
connection to any videos you watched on Edmodo this week?

10:45 Post Chat –
Quickly blog your reactions to the discussion on Today’s Meet Chat in

Teacher Leader
Today’s Meet Link
Edmodo Code
Mr. Bresiciani (Deshaye)
Ms. Stewart-Mitchell/Ms. Treptau
(St. Gabriel)

City of Ember
Ms. Stewart-Mitchell
(St. Francis)
Hunger Games
Mr. Rieger
(St. Francis)
Among the Hidden
Mrs. Nicolson
(St. Gabriel)
Eleventh Plague
Mrs. Folk
Mr. Redler
(St. Gabriel)
Maze Runner
Ms. Treptau
(St. Gabriel)


Be sure to finish reading section 3 over the break for your Dystopian novel.

Ensure that you are also finished...

Section 2 Blog Post and Comments (for group members) for your Dystopian Novel Groups (This was the Section 2, Deep Thinking Questions assignment).

Dystopian Word Sort - Section 2. Add 10-15 words to the word sort. Include page numbers.

Compose Responses to the Interschool Blogging Questions on Edmodo.

French -

Medal count information for Week One; Story of the week that captured your attention. Some of the assignment is in french. See handout. Come prepared to respond to those questions on the handout tomorrow.

Get research on an Olympic Athlete past or present (any sport, must be an Olympian) from any country. The research can be in English. Bring to French class after the break. This will be for our project, "Olympic Athlete in a Box"... Be sure to also bring an EMPTY cereal box to recreate...

NOTE... OVERDUES AND 'REDOES' HAVE BEEN POSTED IN THE CLASSROOM. Students were expected to write their overdues/redoes in their Agenda. These must be completed before February 24th.

Week One Interschool Edmodo Chat

The purpose of the Interschool Edmodo Chat is to explore news stories, articles or aspects of our current culture which connect to our Dystopian Novels. You are expected to watch the videos or read the articles, then respond to the questions. You are also encouraged to write responses to the posts of others.

When you write a post, be sure to compose a new post and not a reply to a post (even if it is the teacher's post), as this site will not allow others to "reply to a reply". Make sense?? I will assist you further in class if you need it.

If you were in the City of Ember Chat, I created a new code so that you could access the chat group in Edmodo.

Here is the link to the videos and the questions for all the books in the Edmodo Interschool Chat.