Thursday, March 31, 2011

Social Studies Test Review

Our Test has been moved from this Friday, April 1st (No fooling!) to next Wednesday, April 6th. Students were given the study sheet in class, but in case they lose it... here it is...

Social Studies - Test Review

Forms of Power and Comparative Government

1. What is power?

Power is the ability of one person or group to control

actions, and sometimes even the thoughts of others.

2. How can bullies wield power? How do they use threat to

wield power?

3. With power, comes responsibility. Why is this? Therefore, why must government or politicians exercise power judiciously? (fairly)

4. What are the four sources of power?

Influence, Force, Authority and Collective Action

(know what these terms mean and examples in your life and in current events).

5. Be able to explain a form of power in current events and whether it's a nation, organization or individual who is wielding the power; and the consequences of the decisions stemming from the power. You will receive a case study - article from current events that you will be analyzing.

6. Make sure you have, "Power in the News - How can a country be powerful?" handout

What are the 3 benefits of authority?

- Authority can be used to provide order and security in people's lives.

- Authority can be used to protect rights and freedoms

- Authority can be used to ensure that benefits and burdens are distributed fairly.

7. Collective Power (notes) - What is synergy? What's the benefit?

8. What is a cooperative? What's the benefit?

9. Why were different cooperatives formed?

10. What are the different types of cooperatives?
Comparative Government

*if you are missing the notes, go to the blog. Know the different forms of government, how they overlap and examples of each form of government.
What was the role of technology with the current revolution in the Middle East?