Thursday, September 30, 2010

Invitation to Blue Water

We will be visiting Leboldus to take part in a presentation from Craig Kielburger's Blue Water Foundation. This foundation focuses on sustainable water sources for all  in need and the importance of preserving fresh water.

Here's the information on the Presentation day...

When: Thursday, October 14, 2010 9:30 to 10:35

Where: Leboldus

What: LeBoldus has been offered a presentation entitled Free the Children Blue Water Project “H2O 4U Speaking Tour”.  They are visiting 100 schools across Canada to educate youth about global water issues to help inspire them to take action in their daily lives to conserve and protect water.  The students will also be encouraged to fundraise to provide clean water and education programs for rural communities in China and India.  Free the Children will then help provide these communities with localized clean water resources and sanitation facilities.  The fundraising portion is optional.

Why: This presentation connects to our unit in Language Arts, "Global Citizenship" and the Mini Minga Charity Group here at Deshaye...

How will we get there?? We may be walking, if we can walk in 30 minutes (information will come once I talk more to Mrs. Grad)

GPS Stuff

As you know we are currently working on a unit in Social called, "Location". In this unit we explore coordinates and mapping... It is for this reason that we will be engaging in activity with the GPS. Please view the videos below to help reinforce your knowledge....

Click on the link below to access the Regina Catholic Schools GPS Instructional video...

GPS part 1

GPS part 2

GPS vs Orienteering - What's the difference?

Tracking and Waypoint Video

Watch the following video and explore the GPS questions.

Define "efficiency".

What are some of the benefits of GPS system to the farmer in the video?

The farmer mentions that the GPS can do what "3 men used to be able to do",

explain why this is beneficial and why it may not be beneficial.

Think about the following statements.

The GPS is only out by less than one inch row after row, when seeding or swathing... Herbicides can be applied to the inch...

How are these facts beneficial to the farmer?

Dinner With Generation X Movie Trailer

Check out who's in a movie... Watch the trailer below...