Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday's assignments and updates

Grade 8, remember picture day is Wednesday! 

In ELA, be sure to complete the Terry Fox Viewing Questions and hand in Tuesday. Note all are on this blog. 

Tuesday we will be continuing the "Two Islands" questions. 

AR... In the next week you are to research and find a book which connects to our theme Global Citizens. This book can be current or futuristic but must relate in some capacity to making a positive difference in the world. Whatever book you choose, you will be expected to blog reactions and connections to our theme. Try to select an AR book. If it is not an AR book, let me know. 

Books may include: 
The Breadwinnner
Parvana's Journey
Mud city 
I am Taxi
War Brothers
We All Fall Down
.... Others added ASAP!!! 

Kidblog link

Students you are going to try out blogging in ELA! The purpose is to provide a real way of connecting to other students in our class and sharing ideas. Only students in our class have access to this blog, as it is a secure site, therefore the general public will not have access. Each of you will be provided with a userid and a password (which you are to change right away). To access our student blogging site, go to

and login with the information that I have provided you.

An assignment awaits you.............