Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pauline Vanier - Canadians Who Helped Refugees in WWII

Copy/paste this into your URL window and search for Pauline Vanier for a 1 minute Historica audio clip.

This audio clip could be used to help you write your blogs. Feel free to learn more about Canadian volunteers like the Vaniers on this site.

Blogging to Videos

Choose one of the videos and write a journal response to the following questions:
1) What motivated Craig to start the "Free the Children" movement? What issue would you be motivated to tell other about and create public awarenes?

2) Do you know of other singers or celebrities that are working hard to create awareness about an important issue? What are they doing? How are their efforts helping those in need? How are you affected by their work?

3)Imagine you were living in a refugee camp. What are some of the challenges you noticed in the camp? How are the lives of these people impacted? How could you sustain hope for the future?

Craig Kielburger - How "Free the Children" Began

Musicians with a Message...

RISE AGAINST - Prayer for the Refugee

ALICIA KEYS - Prelude to a Kiss

Refugee Camp in Afghanistan

LANGUAGE ARTS BLOG - This video should help you with your blog response to the question, "What would it be like to be a refugee?" Feel free to check out other videos, but also reflect on what you learned when you read the novels, Parvana's Journey or Mud City.