Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MUSIC - Stomp unit

Videos from "Stomp Out Loud"found on Youtube.

We will be doing our own "found" and created instruments music project. Watch these videos to get some ideas...

Blue Man Group and Dave Matthews...

Music - Drumming Assignment


Visit the Sound Lab on the PULSE website - Do this activity in PARTNERS.

A. Mega Taiko - Tell me 2 facts about this ancient drum
B. Go to Youtube and find an example of a performance with this ancient drum, the Japanese Taiko. Make sure it is an AUTHENTIC performance. *Write the title of the video and the website. Explain why this is an AUTHENTIC performance. How is the drum the central focus of the performance?
C. Draw an "X-Ray" of a drum and label it. (see the pulse website for this).
D. Explain how atoms transport sound through the air. Use a diagram if necessary.
E. How is this different in a gas, compared to a liquid, compared to a solid?
F. What is the difference between amplitude and frequency? Draw a diagram to aid in your explanation.
G. Have "Fun With Waves" - see the last activity with sound. Change the volume and pitch of the 2 tones.
How do the sounds interact? Explain briefly in jot not form.

Visit the Beat Chaser on the pulse website.
Try out this interactive activity. What is the main OBJECTIVE or reason for creating this activity?
What can a person learn from participating in the activity?
Bring supplies to make your own rhythm instrument, like a drum. You can use a coffee can, soup or tin cans, other ideas?? Remember our culminating performance will involve a STOMP presentation, what instruments can you make?? Brainstorm here…