Thursday, September 30, 2010

Invitation to Blue Water

We will be visiting Leboldus to take part in a presentation from Craig Kielburger's Blue Water Foundation. This foundation focuses on sustainable water sources for all  in need and the importance of preserving fresh water.

Here's the information on the Presentation day...

When: Thursday, October 14, 2010 9:30 to 10:35

Where: Leboldus

What: LeBoldus has been offered a presentation entitled Free the Children Blue Water Project “H2O 4U Speaking Tour”.  They are visiting 100 schools across Canada to educate youth about global water issues to help inspire them to take action in their daily lives to conserve and protect water.  The students will also be encouraged to fundraise to provide clean water and education programs for rural communities in China and India.  Free the Children will then help provide these communities with localized clean water resources and sanitation facilities.  The fundraising portion is optional.

Why: This presentation connects to our unit in Language Arts, "Global Citizenship" and the Mini Minga Charity Group here at Deshaye...

How will we get there?? We may be walking, if we can walk in 30 minutes (information will come once I talk more to Mrs. Grad)

GPS Stuff

As you know we are currently working on a unit in Social called, "Location". In this unit we explore coordinates and mapping... It is for this reason that we will be engaging in activity with the GPS. Please view the videos below to help reinforce your knowledge....

Click on the link below to access the Regina Catholic Schools GPS Instructional video...

GPS part 1

GPS part 2

GPS vs Orienteering - What's the difference?

Tracking and Waypoint Video

Watch the following video and explore the GPS questions.

Define "efficiency".

What are some of the benefits of GPS system to the farmer in the video?

The farmer mentions that the GPS can do what "3 men used to be able to do",

explain why this is beneficial and why it may not be beneficial.

Think about the following statements.

The GPS is only out by less than one inch row after row, when seeding or swathing... Herbicides can be applied to the inch...

How are these facts beneficial to the farmer?

Dinner With Generation X Movie Trailer

Check out who's in a movie... Watch the trailer below...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Terry Fox Religion Reflection and Glog

Terry Fox Videos - We will be using this to connect to Social Studies (current events, with the Terry Fox Walk Day coming up)

Interactive Map - look through the site to find the link to the map.

QUESTIONS FOR THE MOVIE - but you can still answer these questions after watching the above video or by reading the bio on Terry Fox... or just google and get information on Terry!

1. Why is Terry Fox considered a great Canadian hero?
2. Why does he continue to be a role model for everyone?
3. How does his cause and belief that we can beat cancer, continue to live on today?
4. How does he embody what Jesus wants us to be?

Write a short paragraph response using the above questions.
Grade 7's write min. 2 paragraphs
Grade 8's write min. 3 paragraphs

After you write your response paragraphs, you will be creating a Tribute Glog to Terry Fox. Next week I will set up Glog accounts (under my classroom id) and teach you how to "glog". Grade 8's - if you still remember your passwords and id for glogs, your accounts still exist! Get started!


Create a "glog" (passwords, account id etc.) that has the following elements:

1. Music that will accompany the viewing of your glog

(mp3 or a video)

2. Photos images of Terry Fox (3-5)

3. Reflection Response to the 4 questions (see sheet) - paragraph form
** Type in Word, then copy/paste into glog.

4. Catchy title and your first name on the glog.

5. Quote that is connected to Terry Fox.

**Check your mechanics, spelling etc., be sure that all images and graphics connects and is relevant to the topic.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

National Geographic Videos

The following music videos came from National Geographic . On the site, you can check out free videos which connect to learning.

Below are music videos that connect to our Language Arts unit on Global Citizenship...

U2 - "I'll Go Crazy if I Don't Go Crazy Tonight" - Watch video, animation explores different ways one can make a difference in the life of someone in need....

Oil Spill Aftermath...

For More National Geographic go to... (copy paste the link or Google National+Geographic + videos

Want Animation - you can learn from??? (copy paste the following into your browser)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Say No to Plastic

Here you go - some of you were asking about the music video...

The Story of Bottled Water...

20/20 Bottled Water Video

Why Plastic Bags are brutal...

Why Overpackaging Makes Me (and others) Crazy!!!

Plastics in the Ocean

North Pacific Gyre

Images in a slide show of the Great Garbage Patch

Social Studies Links - Africa

Monday, September 20, 2010

French Quiz Review Questions

French Practice Test - Review

1. Practice Numbers (1-50) *Spelling counts! grade 7's allowed 1 letter out of place, grade 8's must spell numbers correctly. This section will be dictation.

Rewrite all numbers 1-20, 21, 22, 30, 31, 32, 40, 41, 42, 50

See examples below
1 un

2 deux

3 trois


2. Basic Conversation Questions

* How can you respond? Look up in your notes the appropriate response. This portion will either be fill-in-the-blank or multiple choice.

a) Comment ca va?

b) Comment allez-vous?

c) Comment s'appelle ton ecole?

d) Quel age as-tu?

e) Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire?

f) Quelle est la date aujourd'hui?

g) Ou habites-tu?

h) Quel est ton numero de telephone?

i) Quelle est ta matiere preferee?
3. Days of the Week - Match french to english
4. Months of the Year - Math french to english
** Extra words (with incorrect spelling added, students must choose correct word.)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Religion Social Assignment - Fort Qu'appelle and Lebret visit

On Tuesday, September 14 the grade 7/8 students of Deshaye went on an excursion to Lebret and Fort Qu'appelle. In the morning we toured the Treaty 4 Pow Wow grounds and had the opportunity to visit and participate in a few activities.


1. What were some of the activities that your group participated in?

2. What was the main objective of the activity? What did you learn from it?

3. Why is the area referred to as, "Treaty 4"?

4. How did the First Nations people historically use their environment to live? What was used for food? How was it prepared? What was used for shelter?

What did you observe about the teepee? What did you notice about the traditional First Nations life?

**Choose questions above to help you write your reflection.

In the afternoon, we visited the town of Lebret and prayed at the Stations of

the cross.

1. What was unique about this version of the Stations of the cross?

2. What did you notice as you prayed?

3. Describe how you felt when you got to the top of the hill. What captured

your attention the most? How do you think early settlers felt when they saw the same valley?

4. What inspired the priests and early townspeople to build a chapel and a church at this site?

5. Why was it worthwhile visiting Lebret? What did you learn about the history?

The following is an Outline that may help you write the reflection. You do not have to use all the aspects of this outline. It is merely to help you organize your ideas.

Lebret and Fort Qu'appelle Outline

I. Introduction Paragraph

Topic Sentence (catchy) (3-4 sentences)

5 W's +H (Who, What, Where, When, Why and How

When: Tuesday, September 14th

Where: Fort Qu'appelle, Treaty 4 Pow Wow Grounds (am),

Lebret (pm)

What: Religious and Cultural Fieldtrip


How did you get there?

II. Body Paragraphs - Chronological Order (time order)

A. In the morning we visited the Treaty 4 Pow Wow Grounds

What you did... and information about the activity...




4. Your thoughts, opinions and reactions... provide support and examples

B. In the afternoon we visited the town of Lebret.

What you did... and information about the activity...



4. Your thoughts....

III. Closing Paragraph- Why was it beneficial, what did you learn?.... lasting thoughts... and leave me thinking.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Masters Rowing Video

The following link goes with a video from the World Masters Regatta that I attended. I didn't compete against the people in the video, because I was in a different age category... but I like the commentary... these athletes, although older, are inspiring! I hope I am the same way in 30 or 40 years!

Be sure to click on the "rowing video".

Love the Planet

What small action are you willing to make to change the world?
Do you believe that you can change the world... that you can make a difference? Check out the video below with lyrics to the song...

Change... another video

"A Miniature Earth" video to contemplate...
John Lennon version...

Surreal Music version... 2010 edition...

Animated version of the above video..."If the World Were a Village of 100 People"

Cause and Effect - What legacy are you leaving behind? What small part or choice are you making to protect the earth?
Start thinking about how you will make a difference with the video below...

Tips on Saving Energy in Our Everyday Lives from David Suzuki...

David Suzuki and Rick Mercer... What can I say... just the usual silly Rick Mercer stuff...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Corporal Karen's Visit

Thank you Corporal Karen for visiting our classroom today to talk about your upcoming United Nations Peace keeping mission to Sudan. It was an awesome presentation... thank you for sharing your stories about being an officer in the RCMP, past Peace Keeping missions and feelings about your upcoming mission.

We look forward to blogging with you this year!

Video - It's all About Humanity... Water for Sudan
Here's a video I found on youtube that connects to making a difference... even if it means something simple like water. As you watch the video below think about how a clean water source makes a huge difference on a community. The video just got me thinking...

Video - "Just Add Water"