Monday, March 17, 2014


Just to clarify about blog assignments in ELA, the Blog for Section 5 is not due until Monday, March 24th. Students are to write 2 paragraphs for this blog. One on point of view for your novel and how this point of view impacts the story told. The other paragraph explores the author's message and what we can learn from the book in our present day society. 

Here is the question from your handout...
3.Refer back to the handout, “Dystopia: Definition and Characteristics”. Note the overall theme of a dystopian piece of literature. Obviously in every dystopian novel there is a message to our society and something that we can learn.  Think about your novel, what is the author’s message? What lesson can we learn from this novel? What statement does the author make about our society? What warning messages are evident in this dystopian novel?

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