Monday, March 17, 2014

Edmodo this week and next week.

Week #4: Edmodo fourth Monday (Mar 17th) - Summary discussion of Novel - same/similar questions for all novel groups

Over the course of the last two months we have brought up many dystopian themes in the classroom, on Edmodo and on Today’s Meet. For the first question reference the note page you received from your teacher titled, “Dystopias: Definition and Characteristics”. For every question in #1 use specific events and examples from the novel to explain your answers.

1.a) What are the two main Dystopian Characteristics that you can identify in the novel? b) What is the main type of Dystopian Control that you see present in the novel? c) Who do you think the Dystopian Protagonist is? Why?

2. Dystopian writing can also fall into the writing genre of “pre-apocalyptic”, “post-apocalyptic” or “science fiction”. Do you think your novel has indicators of one of these genres? Explain why or why not in one paragraph.

3. Let’s talk about your culminating activity - your Fakebook page. This is a chance for you to share ideas with your group and maybe collect new ideas that you hadn’t thought about.
- Which character are you going to focus on?
- What are some of the themes, events and ideas that you are going use for your posts?
- Who are some of the friends that your character is going to have, and what are some of the conversations you are going to add?
- What are some other ideas that you are going to include for your song, newscast or rant?

4. What are some final questions you have about a character or event that the group can clarify for you? Please take time to respond to the questions your group posts.

**Remember to create a new note for your answers - Don’t just reply on the Teacher Edmodo post, as this allows others to comment.

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