Monday, September 27, 2010

Terry Fox Religion Reflection and Glog

Terry Fox Videos - We will be using this to connect to Social Studies (current events, with the Terry Fox Walk Day coming up)

Interactive Map - look through the site to find the link to the map.

QUESTIONS FOR THE MOVIE - but you can still answer these questions after watching the above video or by reading the bio on Terry Fox... or just google and get information on Terry!

1. Why is Terry Fox considered a great Canadian hero?
2. Why does he continue to be a role model for everyone?
3. How does his cause and belief that we can beat cancer, continue to live on today?
4. How does he embody what Jesus wants us to be?

Write a short paragraph response using the above questions.
Grade 7's write min. 2 paragraphs
Grade 8's write min. 3 paragraphs

After you write your response paragraphs, you will be creating a Tribute Glog to Terry Fox. Next week I will set up Glog accounts (under my classroom id) and teach you how to "glog". Grade 8's - if you still remember your passwords and id for glogs, your accounts still exist! Get started!


Create a "glog" (passwords, account id etc.) that has the following elements:

1. Music that will accompany the viewing of your glog

(mp3 or a video)

2. Photos images of Terry Fox (3-5)

3. Reflection Response to the 4 questions (see sheet) - paragraph form
** Type in Word, then copy/paste into glog.

4. Catchy title and your first name on the glog.

5. Quote that is connected to Terry Fox.

**Check your mechanics, spelling etc., be sure that all images and graphics connects and is relevant to the topic.