Need a quick Reference for French? Check out my "French Basics" reference booklet. Download and print if needed from my Google docs.

You Learn French - A great collection of videos and lessons for grammar and vocabulary

Want to practice French at another level? The following site, Duolingo is free and will help you with your french.
* Note: You need a microphone headset.

French School Vocabulary Quiz

French Greetings Practice site

French Games and Exercises site

French Interactive Games and Exercises  -
2Learn.caVerbs Activities Grammar Activities

Daily Life Unit and Interactive Activities (vocabulary and pronunciation)

Kids Playground - Games Practice in French

BBC Basic French Practice - Interactive Flash Games

BBC Basic French Phrases - practice saying these french phrases

BBC French as a Second Language Activities - Videos, games, interactive digital Activities

BBC "Ma France" - Activities more for high school students, but has videos with subtitles, interactive activities * Advanced but really good!

IM Translator -  Translate and Speak Site

Great Collection of French Videos for Practice 

Yabla French - French Flash Cards

Yabla Video on the Eiffel Tower

French Internet Television - French channels from Quebec and France

Toupie and Binou  Cartoon Videos (in French!)

Official site Toupie et Binou

"La Recreation" (in French)

"La Petite Monstre" (in French)

"Le Tigre" (in French...)

Useful French sites need headphones to get full effect: 
Alphabet Pronunciation -

Detailed French Pronunciation -

Common French Words -

Beginning French Vocabulary -

Colour -
Basic info and links to games and fun quizzes

Food Unit Resources

Food Related French Resources (and others)

For Teachers French Pizza Unit - Stewart Resource Center

Quia Collection of French Food Games and Activities

Food Games from for Teens

Food Vocab

Food Vocabulary for Food Preparation

Food Preparation Videos from a French chef - watch the video with captions!

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