Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grade 8 Math Quiz Practice

Do these questions for practice for the quiz. You can print them out or copy them.

1. Create a diagram to show the following equations. You can use a number line or “circle integer disks”.
a) (-10) + (+5)

b) (-15) – (+4)

c) (+4) x (-5)

2. Short Answer – For all problems, be sure to write your answer in a sentence.
 a. Water freezes at 0 °C. If water at 97 °C is cooled at a rate of 6 °C per minute, will it be frozen in 16 min? Show a mathematical statement and all your work.

 b. Gold’s Gym charges its members $250/year. If a member makes a single payment to pay for the next 3 years, there is a discount of $5/month. How much is a single payment?