The theory of Multiple Intelligences was developed by Dr. Howard Gardner in 1983. Dr. Gardner suggested that there are eight different types of intelligence, which include Verbal-Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Musical, Naturalist, Bodily-Kinesthetic, and Visual-Spatial intelligences.

People with a strong Verbal-Linguistic intelligence enjoy reading books, writing stories, and working with words and language. These people are "word smart".

Individuals who enjoy working with numbers and reasoning problems have a strong Logical-Mathematical intelligence. These people are "number/reasoning smart".

Dr. Gardner suggested that schools and culture focus most of their attention on linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences. However, he said that we should also place equal attention on individuals with other types of intelligences: artists, architects, musicians, zookeepers, fashion designers, dancers, and others who make the world such a wonderful place to live (Armstrong, 2000).

So what can you take from this?? Everyone has their own areas of being "smart"... Everyone has their own gifts, talents and abilities... so everyone has something to share.  How are you "SMART"?

Try some of the links below for each of the M.I. categories... and strengthen your "Smarts". Remember if one particular area is not one of your strengths, then you should consider practicing more of those activities. 

"word smart"

On-line Stories

"logic smart"

Brain Teasers
Flash Card Maker
Math Playgroun

Khan Academ
Manga High
Lure of the Labyrinth

"music smart"

Learn about musical instruments
Learn to read music
Play the piano online
Make your own rain stick
African Thumb Piano
Creating Music
Free Kids Music
Integrating Music in the Classroom
KidsKnowIt Network - Free Educational MP3's

"Junk Music"
Blue Man Group videos - Drumbone, Bad Romance, Texting Parady, Crazy Train 
Blue Man Group video, "Complex Rock Tour Live"

Video Discussion Questions to "Stomp Out Loud" 

Pulse A Stomp Odyssey - Theatrical Trailer
Lesson Plan and Resource Links - "Around the World"
The following are links to videos via Youtube from the Stomp Odyssey video...
Pulse A Stomp Odyssey - World Music 
Pulse A Stomp Odyssey - Brooklyn Marching Bands 

Learn About History with Music... Visit History for Music Lovers Channel
"Bad Romance" and the French Revolution,
"Tainted Love" and the Trojan War,
"Shayla" and Shakespeare
"Can't Get You Out of My Head" and Greek Philosophers

"nature smart"

Bill Nye the Science Guy
National Geographic for Kids

David Suzuki Foundation  
David Suzuki's Message to Youth
The Story of Stuff Website,
The Story of Stuff  (Movie)
The Story of Bottled Water (Movie)
The Story of Electronics (Movie)
The Story of Cosmetics (Movie)
The Story of Change (Movie)
Use Less Plastic Music Video
The Pacific Garbage Patch Video
We're All Connected Video
Mr. Box - A Short Video on Sustainability

"self smart"

What Do You Think? Weekly Survey
Discussion Board - Post your own ideas

"people smart"

E-Pals (*Please ask for parent's permission*)
KidsCom Chat (*Please ask for parent's permission*)

"body smart"

Learn how to play some outdoor games!
Sports Illustrated for Kids
Baseball Reaction Time
Skateboard Science
Science of Baseball
Science of Hockey
Science of Cycling
Science of Surfing
Kids World Sports
Teachers - "Energizers" to use in the classroom

"picture smart"

Choose your own picture to color online!
Fun crafts
Clip Art
Practice drawing
Tux Paint
Common Cents

Multiple Intelligences Profile Indicator Test
Parents: How is your child smart?
Multiple Intelligences Survey
How Many Ways Are YOU Smart?
How Are You Smart?
Multiple Intelligences
Multiple Intelligences Reading Response
Multiple Intelligences: Surfaquarium
"Multiple Intelligence Shoes" - These posters go along with the book, If the Shoe Fits: How to Develop Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom by Carolyn Chapman.

Miss. L's Whole Brain Teaching *** Awesome site for resources!!

Another great book to use when teaching about Multiple Intelligences...

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