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Dystopian Novel Sections

City of Ember
Chapter 4 pg.(1-53)
Chapter 8 pg.(54-113)
Chapter 12 pg.(114-155)
Chapter 16 pg.(156-212)
Chapter 20 pg.(213-258)

The Hunger Games
Section 1: Page 3- Page 73
Section 2: Page 74- 160
Section 3: Page 161- 222
Section 4: Page 223 – Page 290
Section 5: Page 290- Page 374

1. Pages 1-60
2. Pages 60-120
3. Pages 120-174
4. Pages 174-252
5. Pages 252-305 (the end)
1. Jan. 28- Chapters 1-8
2. Feb.4- Chapters- 8-16
3. Feb. 11- Chapters- 16-24
4. Feb. 24- Chapters- 24- 32
5. March 3- Chapters- 32- end 

Suggested Novel Divisions


City of Ember

Chapter 4 pg.1-53


Chapter 8 pg.54-112


Chapter 12 pg.113-154


Chapter 16 pg.155-212




The Hunger Games

Chapter 6

Pgs 3-73

Chapter 12

Pgs. 74 – 160

Chapter 17

Pgs. 161 - 222

Chapter 22

Pgs 223 - 290


Pgs 290 - 374



Pgs 1 – 60


Pgs 61 - 119


Pgs 120 - 173


Pgs 174 – 251


Pgs 252 - 305


Chapter 9

Pgs 1 - 90

Chapter 16

Pgs 91 - 189

Chapter 22

Pgs 190 - 281

Chapter 29

Pgs 282 - 377


Pgs 377 – 487

Eleventh Plague

Chapter 9

Pgs 1 - 58

Chapter 14

Pgs 50 - 110

Chapter 21

Pgs. 111 - 168

Chapter 27

Pgs. 169 - 220


Pgs. 221 - 278

Maze Runner

Chapter 11

Pgs 1 - 71

Chapter 23

Pgs. 72 - 145

Chapter 35

Pgs. 146 – 223

Chapter 49

Pgs. 224 - 301


Pgs. 302 - 374


Chapter 7

Pgs. 1 - 68

Chapter 13

Pgs. 69 - 138


Chapter 20

Pgs. 139 - 215

Chapter 27

Pgs. 216 - 289


Pgs. 290 - 366

Among the Hidden

Chapter 7

Pgs 1 - 29

Chapter 15

Pgs. 30 - 59

Chapter 20

Pgs. 60 - 94

Chapter 25

Pgs. 95 - 118


Pgs. 119 - 153


Big Brother or Teacher is watching you... So make sure you get your reading completed... Don't let down your Reading Group!!

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Character Fakebook Assignment

Please review the Character "Fakebook" assignment. We will NOT be using the actual Facebook, just another site. This will be an ongoing major project throughout the course of our unit; therefore we will be adding to it as we read our novels.

The Rubric for Evaluating the Character Fakebook... click on the link.

Ms. SM's Example of Haymitch from Hunger Games

Past Students Examples of Fakebook Profiles and Timelines

Go in using Chrome, it's faster!!

Audiobook Links

Dystopian Novels Book Links

City of Ember

Among the Hidden
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 
More chapters on this YouTube Sunscriber's site 

The Hunger Games
Chapter 1 
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
*there are so many versions of people creating audiobooks, I'm sure you can find one.

Hunger Games Entire Audiobook - scholastic publishing. 

Scholastic Publishing - more audiobooks
Part 1 - ch. 1-11

Part 2 - ch. 12-19

Part 3 - ch. 20-27

Chapter 1 

Chapter 2

There are more chapters on YouTube for you to find! Click on one of the other links. 

Dystopia Word Sort categories

Dystopian Word Sort Assignment

Dystopian Word Sort
1. Sort the following Dystopian Related Vocabulary into 4- 6 categories. Discuss with your group why you categorized your words the way you did.

2. From your chosen vocabulary for your Dystopian Novel for Section one you are going to sort the words you selected into the Dystopian Categories, from part 1 (above). If there are words that do not fit the categories, then create new categories as needed.

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Enjoy the weekend but...

Make sure you read section 1 for Tuesday and with sticky notes, identify examples of dystopian characteristics and powerful language.

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Dystopian Controls in the Movies!!

Thursday's ELA assignments

Complete the questions for the short story, "The Lottery" on looseleaf. Be sure to write in complete sentences. BE SURE TO COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT FULLY, WRITE YOUR NAME ON THE PAPER AND HAND IN TO READING.

Just as the Matrix explores Dystopian Controls, there are many other movies which explore dystopian controls, some even go back to old black and white movies!

See the links below to watch movie clips which explore dystopian controls. Complete the chart using your Reference Handout for Dystopian Controls and Characteristics.

Dystopian Controls in the Movies handout.

Dystopia Controls and Characteristics handout.

Here are the links, just in case there is a problem with Google docs... Sorry they are not in order with the handout.

"I Robot" -

"The Adjustment Bureau" -

"The Truman Show"-

"V for Vendetta" - 

Or try this link... (Same clip)

"Pleasantville" -

"Metropolis" -

* Original Black and white film with English subtitles.
1. Opening credits (00:00-3:16)
2. Shift Change (3:17-5:40)
3. The New Tower of Babel (15:51-17:01) 
Metropolis (Fritz Lang, 1927) Information
Metropolis is set in the year 2026, when the populace is divided between workers who must live in the dark underground and the rich who enjoy a futuristic city of splendor. This work is one of the earliest examples of a dystopian film. The following three scenes provide an overall glimpse of the dystopian characteristics that are present throughout this film. The first two scenes depict the drudgery of daily work on an assembly line. The third scene shows images of what the director pictures as what the world of the future will look like.

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Upcoming dates


Watch this slide show to explore figures of speech.

Read through the different forms of figurative language on Kids Connect.

Figures of speech games to go with activity.

Dystopian Vocabulary Word Charts

Complete 6 word charts for the Short story, "All Summer in a Day". Due Weds.
Vocabulary and Word Charts Assignment

Sites to help you that are good visual thesaurus and dictionaries.

In case you need the handout for the lesson again, here's a link to the Dystopian Short Stories and simulation lesson

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Link to my day plan...


DOL sentences for Wednesday...

Being that I am not here. I thought it would be easiest to post DOL via my blog, so that it can be projected on the whiteboard.

See DOL Sentences link here!

Do the Day 1 and 2 sentences (yes, I know it's Day 3!). This means you will complete 4 sentences in total.

Homework Tuesday

ELA - Dystopian or Other Skies Cover page due Weds, Jan. 8th
5 sketches that reflect the theme, 10 phrases which explore your idea of a perfect world.

Rough draft paragraph of your vision of a perfect world - due Jan. 8th

* Note all information is in the handout in the Google Doc that was previously posted.

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Dystopian ELA Unit

Why are are so obsessed with Dystopian fiction? Click on the link and reflect on the answer in the poster....
Why Dystopia??

It's the start to a new year and to our unit of study in ELA, "Other Skies and Exploring Dystopian Literature"!

This lesson can be found in the following link to my Google Doc. Please click on the link and print the handout if you need it.

Other Skies Introduction handout

This week we will begin examining famous dystopian movie clips from "The Matrix", explore the characteristics of dystopia and the connections to our society and start our new Dystopian novels and Reading Book Club Discussions.

Matrix Blog Assignment for Kidblog

Analyzing “The Matrix”
Blog Response - In a Kidblog Post with the Title, “Reactions to the Matrix”
Complete a blog post entry in response to the following question: What does the film, “The Matrix” communicate about the world? What controls the world in this film and the people who live in that world? What connections can you make to the message? Do you agree or disagree with this message from the film writer? Why or why not?
In addition to answering the questions above, respond to 3 other questions (see below) in your blog response.

What illusion of a perfect society is depicted in the clips? What is the society like in reality?

How are the members of this society being oppressed?

What kind of control is used to keep the members of this society oppressed?

What current trend, societal norm, or political system is exaggerated in this world?

What criticism is made through this exaggeration in the clips? What current trend, societal norm, or political system is addressed?

How did the video clips extend and confirm your understanding of the characteristics of a dystopia?

Is Big Brother Watching us?? Curious if our lives are really private? Check out this thought provoking video about Russian Meterorites and Surveillance....

Side note: I am trying to locate copies of Legend by Marie Lu. Does anyone have an extra copy at home? I have 2... I would like 2 more. Chapters does not have any extra copies for purchase! Geesh!!

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Mandela Tribute

A Tribute to Mandela
Check out the this tribute! 50 rods of steel to symbolize his years of imprisonment - constructed in memory of Mandela.