Friday, January 18, 2013

Blended learning infograph

Blended learning infograph

Classro 2.0 resources

Classro 2.0 resources


So what's a MOOC? How about a learning opportunity for everyone!!! It stands for Massive Open Online Community.

Digital portfolios

What to create digital portfolios with students via the iPad!?

Getting smart blog

Now this blog is a definite go to for "techie focused" topics .... I will definitely check out regularly!!! Just a 2 minute scan and there were 4 articles I wanted to read! If you are aware of what's coming our way in digital learning, check this out!!

Flipping the staff mtg

Need more input for PD's? Want to try flipping the weekly staff mtg to try more resource sharing, more professional collaboration?? See the following link to a blog on how to flip your staff meeting.

I love this idea, especially because teachers are always so short on time. Check it out!!