Friday, February 14, 2014

Homework Reminders

There are a few things that grade 8's need to ensure that they have completed prior to (or even over the holidays)... Individuals were given reminders either on a list posted or spoken to, and students were to write these overdues in their agenda.

1. Kidblog Section 1 - making predictions
2. Kidblog Section 2 - deep thinking questions (4-5 questions/responses,with 2-3 being paragraph answers). Paragraphs are to be written with a topic sentence, 3 supporting sentences with examples and explanation, and one closing sentence. 
3. Edmodo - week 1 responses to a current events video and questions that connect and relate to the dystopian lit circle novel. 
4. Start reading section 3 over the holidays. 
5. Work on dystopian Character Fakebook and post a link to your blog. The character Fakebook allows you the chance to write from the perspective of a character and develop a "Facebook" profile/ account recounting and expanding events from the novel. 
6. Word sorts for power or "dystopian related" language. In each section, students should find at least 10-15 words to add to the dystopian language already explored pre section 1. 
7. Golden lines - students will be locating "Golden Lines" or key lines from the novel and explore pivotal moments in their book. 

It sounds like a lot, but this is a summary of lessons over the past 2 1/2 weeks.

1. Adjectives translation of images (see handout)
2. Le jeux des Olympiques Sochi - medal count assign. Record all our medals for the Olympics - athlete and sport (in French). For sport in French use handouts or translate via google translate if challenging. 
3. Find a news story of the week for the Olympics and translate important details in French