Monday, March 3, 2014

Day Plan

Here is a link for Tuesday's Day Plan...

- Copy and Correct.

1. Like scientists everywhere, Curie record her theorys processes and findings in notebooks.

2. More than seventy five years later, them notebooks are still to dangerous to be handled.

3. Lucia asked, "didn't the Curies work result in the use of radiation therapys to treat cancer"?

Reminders - Please complete as these were due last week and this week - depending on the Stations your group completed.

1. Blog for Section 3 due Weds (this means the post of 2-3 paragraphs on Visualization and Four Ways of Responding to Literature. Be sure to also comment on other group member's posts using the 3C's +Q model.

2. Edmodo Interschool Blogging - Ensure that last week's post is complete (Images related to your book with responses to the questions from your Interschool Teacher); and start this week's Edmodo assignment which connects music to dystopian literature!

3. Word Sort - 10 to 25 words for Section 3. If you are finished, get started on selecting 10-15 words for Section 4 (note we will do this for Section 5 too!). Be sure to write down the page number. (post it notes can assist with tracking these words).

4. Visualization Strategy - Be sure to have the sticky notes from your visualization strategy taped to your Meeting #3/Section #3 Booklet. You will take these responses and use them in the blogging this week.

5. Golden Lines -  be sure to have Section 3 Golden Lines completed (see handout)

6. Character Fakebook - Make sure you have a start to the character fake book. See the assignment expectations for Section 1-3.

Adjectives Booklet - Describing the 8 pictures chart with 3 adjectives translated for each chart. Note if it's masculine or feminine; short paragraph describing yourself; short paragraph describing a cartoon character

Canada's Medal Count - Categorize Canada's Medals into gold (Or), silver (Argent) or bronze (Bronze). Name the athlete/team (equip) and the sport in French (use the French Olympics booklet to assist you). HAND IN FOR WEDNESDAY. YOU MAY WORK IN PARTNERS.