Thursday, October 17, 2013


Blog entries are all complete, students are practicing making reflective comments.

Pink day viewing questions are due Friday. 

On Friday, Students are to compose a blog reflection of 1-2 paragraphs exploring the importance of taking a stand against bullying. They are to incorporate their reflections from the questions into their blog. They are also expected to use the writing process. 

1. Brainstorm key aspects of their viewing questions that they wish to include. 
2. Compose a rough draft using these questions. Reflecting on an effective introduction, topic sentence, supporting sentences with details from their questions, then an effective conclusion. 

3. Drafts are to be typed in Word, spell/grammar checked, then pasted into Kidblog. 

Due: Tuesday

If for some reason students can't type it they are to write on paper then come in early to work on the assignment.