Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's with the ashes? - Loyola Press

What's with the ashes? - Loyola Press

Social Studies Blogging

Students, be sure to write at least one blog to Cpl. Karen on kidblog.org. This is part of your Social mark. There were supposed to be blogs written for both January and February. To check if you have made enough of a contribution, go to kidblog.org and check your account.

Parents, Please feel free to check the blogged assignments over with them as well. Even just to check out our blogging project  with a UN peacekeeper in Sudan or our "Blogging Literature Circles"

Further reminder, the last day for Term 2 overdues is March 11th. Students have overdues written in their agenda, and overdue assignments are posted immediately. Please discuss this with them, as incomplete assignments do impact student grades... Students are given ample time to work on any assignments at recess. It is up to the individual to use that time wisely. If you need further confirmation regarding overdues, please feel free to call me at the school.
Ms. SM