Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bellerophon and Jason Reading Assignment

In addition to answering a few questions in class, you were to create graphic organizer "maps" for the literary elements of the myth, "Bellerophon and Pegasus". The on-line site that we are using is...

The program doesn't allow for very much room in your explanation, so you will need to be CONCISE and SUMMARIZE the most important concepts in your response. This assignment will teach you some of the ways we analyse literature through the literary elements and help you to practice being concise in writing your summaries.

Later you will read a myth, "Jason and the Golden Fleece". In this assignment you will be completing a "cloze passage response" which means that using the context clues and what you remember of the myth, you will fill in the blanks identifying the key details from the myth. To read the myth, you will need to go on-line to http://www.mythweb.com/heroes/jason/index.html

After you read about Jason and "fill in the blanks"... just checking to see if you've read it! You will complete a plot pyramid on the key events. However, before you begin the plot pyramid, let's review the key vocabulary. Check out this link... READ AND LEARN....

Scroll down and download the Powerpoint for the Plot Pyramid on this site...

Plot PowerPoint Presentation: Use this presentation as an introduction to Freytag's Pyramid and the literary element of plot.

To get a handout, check out... http://www.ereadingworksheets.com/reading-worksheets/story-pyramid-handout.pdf

Now you can even plot the myth, "Jason and Golden Fleece" by going to the following interactive site. However, this site will NOT SAVE, you will need to PRINT before you log out.