Monday, March 12, 2012

Manga High... Math Games

For Math practice I created a school account at the MangaHigh math site... (for our class)

It looks pretty "fun"... well in a math way... You got to practice anyways... So I set up some math challenges to engage and inspire you... well to at least get you to practice math!

Go to the site @

When you get to the site, do not try to login as a teacher... instead type in our school name...
Deshaye Catholic School

Our School Id number is 70234

Then type in the  user id or log in # (same thing)
Your user id is a number - Ms. SM will give it to you...
Your username: is yournameDeshaye

Your password is an animal or insect with an 8 (see example below)
User ID Number: 23 
User ID ChristineDeshaye
Password: wolf8

You will be prompted to change your information. (A pop up box will appear... Get some paper!!!!)

Choose some kind of name with your first name in it... then something related to something you like. Remember the userid and your password... write it down and give the information to me (I need to record it, in case you lose that paper!) 
*Do not use your last name... try to maintain some "cyber privacy" please... there are weirdos out there!


Religion - Christian Service Hours 4 hours for Lent
*** Blog on how you are meeting your Lenten goals
Kony Video - Blog your reactions and state "Now what??"

Reading - Bellerophon Questions 1-3

Pandora's Box get ready to present if you haven't

p. 227 6.5 lesson 1,2, 3, 5 *No diagrams

Social - due Friday - Culture and the Environment 1, 2, 3, 5 (4 do later as a class)

Bandies - Full band Tuesday

Science - Water Journey and El Nino due March 25 and study because there is a test in approx 1 week.

Manga High Math Head to Head Challenge!

We've been challenged to a "Fai-To" Math Challenge on the MangaHigh website...
Here's the letter I've been sent... Do YOU WANT TO REPRESENT US?? See the letter below...
Dear Jennifer,

Your students have been offered the chance to challenge another school to a Fai-To. If your students decide to proceed with the Fai-To challenge, they will face up to 9 rounds of head to head mathematics competition.

How Fai-To Works

When your students next log in, they will be offered a choice of two different schools to challenge. They can also decide not to challenge anyone (boo!). If 6 students vote to challenge one of the schools, then the Fai-To is on, and the first school to win 5 rounds of the Fai-To is the Winner. The defending school will receive 1 advantage round for free. Each subsequent round lasts 24 hours, and students score points by winning medal points as usual. Fai-To does not affect the way that you use Mangahigh to teach. As the Challenger, if your school wins the Fai-To, you will capture the Defender's current trophy for your cabinet. You can upgrade your trophies by winning more Fai-Tos. This is simply a way to motivate students for an intensive burst of activity. After all, the honor of the school is at stake!

If you have problems at any stage, you can contact me on
Grant Miller Customer Support
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