Monday, December 19, 2011

French Comic Life Evaluation Criteria

Rubric will be based on the criteria. Refer to the criteria below when completing your comic.

1. Content - French only!

a) What's happening in each panel.Be specific and fairly descriptive.

b) Speech bubbles / thought bubbles must be included for characters thoughts and interactions.

c) Use phrases that you understand (refer to the booklet, use dictionnaries, use google translator sometimes...)

d) Comic must relate to a day in the life of a character.
2. Layout
a) Use Comic Life or Word (word might be more challenging) - You can download a free trial version for home (note that there are less "bells and whistles" than at school) try it before the holidays to make sure it works for you.
b) Use a variety boxes with text boxes that explain what's happening.
c) The title slide must introduce your comic and who it's by ("par" means by)
d) Grade 6's: 8 panels minimum, Grade 7's: 12 panels minimum
e) For colour copies print at home...with PARENT PERMISSION... Please note it may use lots of ink!!!    OR Print in black and white and colour in pencil crayon (feel free to add images or accents to words)

3. Mechanics
Watch spelling, punctuation and capitalization .... Be sure to REVISE AND EDIT!
Grade 6's - use the resources I gave your to help with conjugating. (It's all preconjugated).
Grade 7's are expected to demonstrate more ability in terms of grammar conjugation.... Use the resources I gave you, as most sentences are preconjugated.
Grade 8's are expected to demonstrate time (A 7h00...)  in their comic as well as more descriptive panels. Include adjectives and more narration panels or speech bubbles.... BASICALLY JUST "MORE"...