Thursday, April 3, 2014

Awesome movie

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend Divergent and meet all the other students from St Gabriel and Deshaye who were in our Dystopian Book Club! What a fantastic day!! 

Anyways, as we prep for our last Today's Meet Live Chat... I will be incorporating some of your questions from the survey in what you want to discuss.
 Thx for the awesome feedback!

I also want you to think about the general messages or themed from the film... 

Is humanity really driven to destruction? Is categorizing people the answer to peace in society?? Why is conformity an easy answer to society's problems? How is it not a solution?  Why is being "Divergent" good in any society, dystopian or in our society?? 

How is this film (and book!) and example of dystopia? What characteristics from our Dystopian References do you have to back up your thoughts? How was Tris a Dystopian Protagonist?

What other questions can we explore? Tweet me your ideas @jstewiestewie... Or just bring them up in the chat!
Lastly, after exploring a few connections between dystopian trends in our society and our novels, do you agree or disagree that our world is becoming dystopian? 

What do YOU think we can do in our own lives to ensure that we do not head down one of the many paths of dystopia? What trend in our society is one we must consider the most in preventing dystopia? 


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