Friday, September 17, 2010

Religion Social Assignment - Fort Qu'appelle and Lebret visit

On Tuesday, September 14 the grade 7/8 students of Deshaye went on an excursion to Lebret and Fort Qu'appelle. In the morning we toured the Treaty 4 Pow Wow grounds and had the opportunity to visit and participate in a few activities.


1. What were some of the activities that your group participated in?

2. What was the main objective of the activity? What did you learn from it?

3. Why is the area referred to as, "Treaty 4"?

4. How did the First Nations people historically use their environment to live? What was used for food? How was it prepared? What was used for shelter?

What did you observe about the teepee? What did you notice about the traditional First Nations life?

**Choose questions above to help you write your reflection.

In the afternoon, we visited the town of Lebret and prayed at the Stations of

the cross.

1. What was unique about this version of the Stations of the cross?

2. What did you notice as you prayed?

3. Describe how you felt when you got to the top of the hill. What captured

your attention the most? How do you think early settlers felt when they saw the same valley?

4. What inspired the priests and early townspeople to build a chapel and a church at this site?

5. Why was it worthwhile visiting Lebret? What did you learn about the history?

The following is an Outline that may help you write the reflection. You do not have to use all the aspects of this outline. It is merely to help you organize your ideas.

Lebret and Fort Qu'appelle Outline

I. Introduction Paragraph

Topic Sentence (catchy) (3-4 sentences)

5 W's +H (Who, What, Where, When, Why and How

When: Tuesday, September 14th

Where: Fort Qu'appelle, Treaty 4 Pow Wow Grounds (am),

Lebret (pm)

What: Religious and Cultural Fieldtrip


How did you get there?

II. Body Paragraphs - Chronological Order (time order)

A. In the morning we visited the Treaty 4 Pow Wow Grounds

What you did... and information about the activity...




4. Your thoughts, opinions and reactions... provide support and examples

B. In the afternoon we visited the town of Lebret.

What you did... and information about the activity...



4. Your thoughts....

III. Closing Paragraph- Why was it beneficial, what did you learn?.... lasting thoughts... and leave me thinking.