Thursday, December 15, 2011

Extention to Learning Assignment

Grade 7/8's - Over Christmas start researching apps you would like to try (that are educationally related) on a WINDOWS TABLET. Remember they can't be super expensive... but I need to know your thoughts by beginning of January for a "Technology Surprise" coming in January (for only one month...) Hint: Remember the grant application I told you about????

Wordle on Wordle

Advent Reflections

Using you need to make sure that you are blogging to the questions for the ADVENT RESPONSE POSTS. I have posted many questions that you must write a response to, find videos, images and links that connect to the Advent Week topic, then EXPLAIN how the images, videos etc connect to the theme or why you included it... Be sure to check your mechanics, grammar and revise to ensure that what you wrote makes sense!!
*Be sure to find videos etc... that are appropriate, but really make your audience think! Entertain, but make us care!

*In class today, we reviewed how to create a wordle (, take a screen shot of it and link it to your blog... Tricky but cool stuff... Be sure try it!!

Wordle Uploader Strategy for Kidblog

For this week and next week, I want you to try out a new on line program called, wordle, which creates "word clouds". Go to

Create a word cloud of your KIDBLOG Joy posting, (your reactions and responses to the questions that I gave you... don't bother copy/pasting video links etc.)

You will copy paste your kidblog reactions (from your blog or even from Word) into the "Wordle text box.

Then how do you embed this awesome word cloud into your blog??? Follow these steps below... They are tricky, but stay calm, and just try your best!!!

Follow these steps to upload a wordle using flash… May work better than “crunching” the information…

1. Be sure that you have: created your wordle on
 Open the wordle you created by going to the bottom of the screen and click on “Open in Window”, then maximize the window BEFORE YOU TAKE A SCREENSHOT.

2. Take a screen shot… Ctrl (Control button, bottom left hand side) and PrtSc (Print screen button, on the laptop it’s near the power button)

3. Paste the screen shot to Word or Powerpoint.

4. Crop your image (by double clicking on the image and using the “crop” button.

5. Save your image… My pictures, call it “Wordle…”
6. Then in kidblog… click on the “File” (Mark says this works!)
7. Go to the Browser uploader… NOT FLASH… select your picture for your Wordle
and click on “Insert into post” (This eliminates “crunching” because computers can’t do abs!)

8. Celebrate, because it will work…

So hilarious according to Mr. Csada...

At the request of my students and fellow colleagues... I agreed to post this... By the way, Mr. Mitchell doesn't blog!!! The characters look a tiny bit like us!