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Fakebook for Dystopian Characters

Create your own Fake Facebook page pretending you are a character from your Dystopia novel... and edit as you need to go... Try it out! You can even go back and make changes after you link to your blog... So what is it exactly?
A web-based Facebook template that can be edited, saved on the Web (students will need to supply a password to retrieve their saved page; then they will be given the URL/web address to their saved page), and printed.
How difficult is it to use? Quite easy. Any questions, follow the directions in the Tips area...

Check out the page "created" by one of my favorite characters. View some of his favorite videos and his list of "friends"!!

I absolutely love this site... You can create a character, even upload pictures to make it suit the character and upload bios and create "conversations". It really gets you into the mind or point of view of the character, and allows you to create "conversations" which would demonstrate interactions with the character that would connect with the book. Use your imagination and imagine how the character would behave, share your post with Dystopian Lit Circle peers and see if they imagine the character as behaving the same way!

You can save the page, edit it for later (remember the password) and even embed in a blog like Blogger or Wordpress, unfortunately not kidblog. So yes, you can't embed this in kidblog, just save the URL from the page you create and SAVE and link it to your blog post!

Tips and Tools to Guide you in creating the Fake Facebook page...

Here is the page, to get rid of the ads, just click "View Fullscreen"

View Fullscreen | Create your own

Other sites to try if you find "FAKEBOOK" challenging... There's Google Template you can try... called, "LITERARY FACEBOOK". I like the expectations on the site.

Create a "Facebook" page for a character from literature. Have fun but be accurate.

1. Insert a picture of your character (how you think he/she looks), or let Fakebook find one for you. If you use your own picture, you will have to save it first from the Internet, then upload to the site.

Insert a text box for the following:

2. Character’s name

3. Where the character spent most of his/her life
4. Whether he/she was single, divorced, or married

5. Character’s date of birth (make an educated guess)
 and parent's names (make them up if you have to as well)
6. Character’s hometown, state, or country
 (use the futuristic name of the place that fits the novel)
7. Show the likes and dislikes of the character. Make sure they connect with the novel, there must be a a real connection for the mention in the bio.

8. List one school he/she attended and one place he/she worked. 
9. Make up a minimum of 15 wall posts the character would have made.
10. List at least 8 people that the character would have been friends with on Facebook. On Fakebook, you can just click on "Add" and make up fake friend names. Fakebook will find images for you. Be sure to create friends that are mentioned in the book or just make up the names of friends. For characters in the novel, be sure to have these characters comment on what your character posts.

11. Make up at least 10 interactions or fake conversations that other characters would comment on your character's post. (see the one I created as an example).
12. Make up two Facebook groups the character would have joined.
 *** If you are able to on Fakebook, use your imagination and create a fake Group's post.
13. Include posts that connect with what you are reading in the novel (and not just silly stuff) and expand upon what the novel doesn't say. If your character dies or disappears, then just make more posts for a shorter period of time. 
14. Show the emotions, thoughts and key events that impact your character.
15. Include at least one song, that would be something that would inspire your character or be of significance for your character. Be sure to include a post that states why the song is special for the character, but in their point of view.
16. Include a news website or a news cast that shows something in our current world that connects to the novel. The event must be worldly and demonstrate an aspect of the novel that explores issues from Social Studies. The event can be political, environmental or explore economy. Include the newscast or website link as  "an event from history" for the character. Be sure to explain why the character would be interested in this website or newscast. What would be of interest to the character?
Additional Ideas...
16. Place a dot on all of the places that character traveled over the course of the novel. (You can use any tool for this one) *** Is not an option on Fakebook, or you can try a link with Google Earth.... 

** Note that for all the novels you can "make it work". For example, there were some elements of technology in The Hunger Games, even for the poor districts. Make up a reason for having access to Fakebook. In books like Maze Runner, Divergent and Matched, you can tell the setting is futuristic, so it's fairly easy to come up with a reason for Fakebook access. Finally, for The Eleventh Plague, maybe state that you are typing on one of last solar computers to exist, and that due to some computer network running on it's own, you are able to still post to Fakebook... Who knows... like I said, make up a somewhat plausible reason. The novels are all fiction, so you can come up with your own reason.

Dystopian Reader's Response Assignments

So far grade 7/8, in ELA you have completed....

 Reader's Response #1 on Kidblog. This connection to Section #1 reading. In your first reader's response, you were to focus on Section #1:"Making Predictions" (see the full description of what you are to complete on the handout given in class) and respond to the assigned questions.... 1 .What's your prediction for the the end of the novel? 2. Which character will experience the biggest change? 3. How will the book end? What are the clues from Section #1? 4. How does the setting show a dystopian society or dystopian control?

FAKEBOOK ASSIGNMENT - Create a Fakebook page for a character from your novel.  Be sure to include a Bio (hometown, likes, dislikes, favourite things, parents, when you were born), add "friends", start adding a few posts from your character's perspective that connect to events in Section 1 of the novel.
Remember to also create a Fakebook character and add it to Kidblog. This page will be added to this classroom blog, so that students (and parents) can check out your progress!

Today, we explored questions that you may have as you read, as well as questions that I think you should think about (that connect to reading strategies). Compose responses to the questions below and other Deep Thinking Questions that you have. Write this response in Word, then copy/paste into kidblog.
*Identify - Author's message? Author's intent for writing the book? What is the main idea or theme? What kind of dystopian novel is it?
*Infer - What is the underlying message of the text? What is being said between the lines? Fill in the gaps about what you already know and what you've read.
*Connections - Make connections between Section 1 and 2 and other aspects of your life or the world we live in.
     **Make personal connections/TEXT TO SELF (characters and people you know... events and the impact on the character and how you can connect to it...);
     **Make world connections/TEXT TO WORLD (What events in this novel can you connect to in our world today or in history?? Remember we are studying a unit in Social Studies Which explores resources and quality of life... this should connect. Maybe explore the role of technology in our world with the role of technology in the novel. Is "Big Brother" watching our every move or are we freely posting our every move to social media sites like, Facebook and Twitter??;
    **Make connections to other texts, or movies, or novels, or tv shows/ TEXT TO TEXT. Is there something else that you have seen or read that reminds you of this book? Explain the connection with specific events from the novel.

FAKEBOOK ASSIGNMENT- Add details to your Fakebook for your character. Add more interactions between characters. Compose a "Rant" on behalf of your character. The main objective of the rant is to allow you to "tap" into the emotions of your character and what they feel. Your Rant must connect to the theme of the novel or the current state that your world is in. How did the actions of your "ancestors" (that's us) allow it to get to this point? What rights did they enjoy that you no longer enjoy? How was their world or environment different than theirs? What are they missing out on??

The following questions may help you compose your Rant. If you are reading...
1. The Hunger Games - Your rant should be about why you live in the districts. Why do you have no choice in jobs or what district you live in? Why do you not have any say in the government or how things are run? Why is there so little food in your district while the Capitol lives on plenty? Why is so much violence televised in a reality tv show considered "entertainment"? How did violence and suffering becoming entertainment? How did people become so insensitive to the plight of others?

2. Maze Runner - Your rant might be about how you are a "guinea pig" or a "hamster" in a maze and that  you can feel someone is watching you and messing with not only your life, but in your survival! How would you feel if the time when the sun rises and sets was controlled? How would you feel if you had no choice but to live in cramped quarters like the "buggin' Glade"? How did people give up control? How did people lose their rights so that they lost control over their lives and could be treated like a scientific experiment?

3. Divergent - Your rant might be about the lack of choice you have in the faction that you are sent to. How you have no choice but to pass the tests or join the pathetic ranks of the Factionless. You might be upset that you no longer can interact with your family if they are not part of your faction. You might be upset by the brutality of the tests, or the ruthlessness of other people in your faction. You might wonder why your ancestors encouraged this fragmenting of society. What lead to this?

4. Matched - Your rant might be that the computer is deciding not only what you eat, what you do for fun, what you study, what you become when you get older, but who you marry. Why did your ancestors allow it to get this point that a computer decided based on a questionnaire who you should be matched with? Why did choice disappear? Why did the people become so dependent on the computer making decisions? Why does the computer decide when people should die of old age? Why is everything so strictly scheduled?

5. Eleventh Plague - Your rant might be the current state of the environment? Why did governments push their anger to the point of a catastrophic war? Why did governments of the past release a virus that would wipe civilization? Why are you in  a state where there is no government? No economy? No industry? ... Nothing but vigilants who roam the countryside fighting over resources... How did things get to get so desolate? What were the warning signs of the past that your ancestors ignored? How do you feel about your life now??

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Do your Section 3 Blog assignment on Visualizing as you read and "Four Ways to Respond to Literature" response question (see this blog... Section 3 or your handouts - they are the same thing.)

Be sure to complete the Character Fakebook assignment which is adding memories ... Due Friday!

Dystopian Worlds for Arts Ed

Images to build on the Arts Ed dystopian world installation....

What do you imagine the future to look like? If you are reading The Hunger Games, do you agree with the image of future society being like that of the Capitol? or do you imagine a post-apocolytic world, like that of The Eleventh Plague? Is everything technologically perfect and uniform like in Matched?

Here are some images that reflect different filmographers concept of the future...