Sunday, February 10, 2013

Guide to Skype in the Classroom

Check out this very comprehensive site on Skype in the classroom

Happy Valentine's Day!

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The Digital Native - Myth or Reality

Are kids naturally able to use technology better than adults due to their "Techno Immersion"? Yes there is no denying that students know how to use technology, but do they know how to create in a variety of ways with it? Can they solve problems and use it to engage in critical thought?  Are they thinking about the best tool for the job? This is our role as educators... help students find the best tool for learning... and sometimes it's not with technology! Yes, you read it here!!

Engage students with technology, not drown them in it!

The following videos and articles are from my Graduate Studies class, and are actually quite interesting ;-)  Check them out if you are inclined....

I love the video below because of the emphasis that technology is only used when it fits the lesson or the achievable outcomes.... Not technology for the sake of using technology.

Project Based Learning video from British Columbia... Really shows what PBL looks like incorporating a Blended learning perspective.

Article from Educause, "Engage Me or Enrage Me: What Today's Learners Demand"

Digital Natives: Fact or Fiction??

Are You a Digital Native or Digital Immigrant?

The Digital Native - Myth and Reality,%20Aslib%20Proceedings%202009.pdf

Digital Natives - 10 Years After

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