Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Edtech with Bloom's Taxonomy Revised

Bloom's Taxonomy and Higher Level thinking with Technology in the Classroom...

So many years ago when I started my Bachelor's of Education, I learned about Bloom's taxonomy for higher level thinking. This pyramid was one that helped to provide guidance when creating different levels of assignments to develop higher level thinking in students. Recently I stumbled upon Kathy Shrock's model for Bloom's taxonomy in a completely different format... all the levels of knowledge have now become wheels and cogs that are interdependent with each other. She has aptly called it, "Cogs of Understanding"

"Cogs of Understanding" - loooovvvee it! On her site you can explore Blooms and Educational Technology utilizing tech tools. Tools from iPad apps to Google tools to Web 2.0 tools... She categorizes all these tools into the Blooms levels of understanding. Honestly, I just love this! When planning, teachers can choose tools that will explore all levels of understanding - as demonstrated in the graphic above, they all are interconnected. For any teacher who loves using tech to engage and captivate kids in our 21st century world, and help develop skills for the future, this is the site to check out. Her visuals help to clearly show that using technology is more than just bells and whistles.

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