Monday, September 19, 2011

Architecture Goes to School Fieldtrip


Itinerary for the Day…

10:10 – Leave Deshaye

10:30 – Arrive Down town *Bus will drop us off near Hotel Sask.

10:40 -11:25 – Walking Tour

11:30 – Lunch Break at Plaza (Victoria Park) or if it rains, in Children’s Library Area at Public Library *Arrangements made with supervisor

12:10 – Washroom break at Public Library

12:50 – Bus pick up *In front of Hotel Sask (close to Hotel Sask)

1:05 – Warehouse District Bus Tour (Approx. 30 minutes)

1:40 – Tour Project Site on Dewdney and take photos (30 minutes)

2:10 – Tour the Kreate Architecture Office 2300 Dewdney

(Washroom available in building)

2:45 – Leave Kreate Architecture Office on Dewdney and return to Deshaye

3:10-3:15 – Arrive back at Deshaye

ARCHITECTURE GOES TO SCHOOL - Walking Tour of Downtown Regina

Buildings of Note… Be sure to take photos and complete your Questionnaire Sheet for your Sketchbook as part of a REFLECTION of this tour…

1) Financial Building (Hamilton and 13th) – Architect: Roger Mitchell; Modern

2) First Canadian Place (Hamilton and 13th) – Architect: Roger Mitchell; Modern

3) Hotel Saskatchewan (Victoria Ave) – Neoclassical and Romanesque

4) Sask Power Building (Victoria Ave) – Architect: Joe Pedic; Modern

5) Federal Building – (Victoria Ave) – Architects: Clemenshaw/Portnall; Neoclassical and Romanesque

6) Victoria Park Building – (Victoria Ave) – Architects: Storey/Vanegmund; Craftsman

7) Scarth Street Mall (Revitalization Project)– Commercial Building of 1920’s; Craftsman

8) Twin Towers (12th Ave) – Architects: Sigmore, Owens, Merrell; Walternetch of Chicago; Modern

9) Northern Crown Building – Scarth Street – Greek Revival

10) Globe Theatre Building – Institutional Classical

11) Princess Theatre – Art Nouveau (was a Vaudeville Theatre… theatre seats are still hidden under the floors of present business)

12) 12th Ave Plaza/Mall – New Plaza!! – Ultra Modern

13) Regina Public Library (12th Ave) – Architects: Izum, Arnott, Sugiama of Regina; Modern

14) Knox Metropolitan Church – Victoria Ave – Gothic

15) Sports Hall of Fame Building – Romanesque and Greek Revival

16) Balfour and Frontenac Apartments (Lorne St.) – Italianate

17) Martin Place Courtyard/Law Office (by Hotel Sask) – Architect: Roger Mitchell; Modern

18) Cornwall Coop/Senior Housing Project – (Cornwall St) – Architect: Roger Mitchell; Modern



21) What are the different jobs in an Architect’s office? Name 4 jobs at the Kreate Architecture Office.

22) SITE VIEW… What do you notice about the site from the office? Any other observations?


Choose 8 of the buildings we visited on the tour, and answer the questions below in your sketchbook. A visual of how it should look in your sketchbook will be explained in class.

1. Name of building:

2. What is or was it used for?

3. Who uses it now?

4. What I like most about the building – try to describe it… remember you can use a photo with a description to help explain your opinion.

5. What would I change about the building.

6. This building reminds me of…

7. What I think the building is made of…

8. Rate this building out of 5… How many stars??

9. Take a photo of the building…

Architecture Tour of Downtown Regina

Copy of note sent home...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dear Parents,

On Tuesday, September 20th, our class will be visiting our site for our Architecture Goes to School project. During this time we will have a guided tour by our architect mentors, Roger Mitchell and Chang Sun to critically examine a few buildings in the Downtown area, and appreciate some of the unique architecture that we have in Regina.

We will be leaving the school at 10:10 and talking a bus. The students will be viewing a few well known buildings, like Hotel Sask, the Globe Theatre, City Hall and Knox Metropolitan church. We will also be taking pictures of “the site” for our project, as well as, touring the Kreate Architecture Office. The site location is roughly the size of a few blocks; therefore, we will be primarily staying close to the Architecture office on Dewdney and Lorne Street and will not tour the whole “project site” area. The primary objective of the tour is to give students an opportunity to critically examine some of the architecture of Regina, as well as a sense of the space and surroundings that they will be developing.

Students are only required to bring a clipboard, pencil, pen, digital camera (if they have one available with parent permission), BAGGED LUNCH and a water bottle. We will return to Deshaye shortly after 3:00.

If you are interested in the tour and are available, please feel free to join us! If you have any questions, please contact the school at 791-7270.

Please view information about the project. You can check out the time table and student activities by visiting my blog at… See the “Architecture Goes to School” page.

Ms. Stewart-Mitchell