Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Veteran's Week and Remembrance Day

Religion Response Journal Assignment for Remembrance Day... think about the message of the video and song... Why is it important to Remember on Remembrance Day... Who are we remembering?? Respond in your Religion Journal

"Pittance in Time"

 Questions to Response to... in your Religion Reflection Journal

Who is the target audience?

What's the underlying message?

How  does the message connect to our lives? Your life?

What are your thoughts overall?

Bryan Adam's Remembrance Day...
Canadina version...

Other music for Peace and Remembrance
Veteran by Ecoshock... Rock tribute to veteran's

Love and Peace or Else... by U2

Remembrance Day Canada Link...

How are children affected by violence and war?? Check out this video by the Cranberries... "Zombie"

*** FYI the crucifix imagery is a little weird... remember the Cranberries is just an attention seeking rock band... don't take it too seriously...

Now go to warchild.org and READ UP and get INFORMED...