Sunday, June 13, 2010

global warming and water protection videos

He's more than just an actor...
More from Leonardo's website...

Take Action today to Save Our Oceans: Learn about plastics and sign the pledge to reduce your plastics use!
Plastics Pledge
The 11th Hour Trailer

"I'm soooo sorry!" love, B.P.

Ever wonder what kind of surface area the Gulf oil spill would take up if it was in your back yard?? Click on the link below and find your area on the map.

Video "It's Oil We Use It Everyday" - Reflection on our dependence on Oil...Just more to think about... Are we really doing our part to make a difference?? How dependent are you??

Watch the video and check out the statements from British Petroleum. Notice how the photos are organized to contrast B.P.'s quotes.

Rich Fish... Satire video

Say no to plastic...

The Story of Bottled Water...

20/20 Bottled Water Video

Plastics in the Ocean

North Pacific Gyre

Images in a slide show of the Great Garbage Patch