Wednesday, April 30, 2014


We are starting organizational preparations for Farewell. The grade 8's are asked to bring a baby or a childhood picture for the slideshow. If students have photos that are from St. Francis School either this year, or years gone by, they may also submit them for the slideshow.

They may send this to me via or bring in the actual photo for scanning.

All photos are needed before next Friday, May 9th.

We are also forming student committees to assist in planning the Farewell, as many of the students have fantastic ideas. Students may join the following committees:

1. Farewell Slideshow & the Digital Yearbook
2. Decoration Creation (Silhouettes, Memory Stars, Stage decorating, Other??)
3. Technology Set Up (mics, data projector, lighting)
4. Gym Set Up (stage, chairs, assist with decorating)
5. Snacks - Organizing snacks (who is bringing what... note the tradition is grade 7 students, but this needs to be explored).

Other?? Feel free to offer input, if you have ideas.

Please sign up in the classroom. Information is posted.

Parents are also welcome to join in with any of the committees above! The help is always appreciated.

The date for the Farewell is June 19th at the school.


Persuasive graphic organizer for 5 slide partner presentation (see blog for more info)
Main idea identifier graphic organizer for analyzing persuasive essays
Wednesday and Thursday (April 30 and May 1st) must start 5 slide persuasive presentation. (Students may use Google Slideshow, Powerpoint or Prezi).
Start presentations Friday and continue on Monday.
Students must submit slides and persuasive presentation essay presentation.

All Dystopian Assignments are Overdue, this includes:
Kidblog responses,
Dystopian Visual Dictionaries
Edmodo blog posts
Fakebook final projects
*Students are expected to do complete these in the next week. Overdue lists are posted in the classroom for student reference. It is not acceptable for students to "take a 0%", but instead try their best to complete the assignment.

Vocabulary test Weds (summer and winter olympic sports)
Sochi booklet due Weds (students will self evaluate). There will be a teacher evaluation as well.