Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Devastation in Japan

Here's your new current events assignment that you will start Monday, March 21st... or at least that week...
You must construct a Current Events “Glog” on the devastating effects of the natural disaster in Japan.

a. What are the causes of the earthquake (basic scientific reason)?

b. What are the causes of the tsunami (basic scientific reason)?

c. What are the effects of these natural disasters on Japan…
Explain/Show 10 ways the people have been affected.
d. Make a statement... show people why we should care!

****Think of the economy, resources, health…short term and long term effects.
Explain all these ways, but SHOW the impact!
Brainstorm the layout of the glog on PAPER, then research the facts… find websites…
Be sure to cite your sources!
Write your research on paper in jotnotes…. THEN go to Glogster and create your glog! Do individually!
Canadian Democracy Information and Links

Parliament virtual tour...



Government site on democracy


Lesson 1:

Big Question: What governments expected to do? Answers will be written in the form of a Brainstorm Web on (5 minutes)

Body of Lesson:

After the brainstorm, you will be split into three groups, A, B and C. Each group is now an independent country. Your group will need to come up with a name for their country and then pick someone in the group to represent you. The representative of each group will be given a cue card, which will state the type of government that their country uses.(See your slide show notes on comparitive governments). (5 min)

Your government must now deal with an issue. This issue is how pollution and how it is impacting your country and the citizens. How will your government deal with the problem? (20 minutes)

Final Question: How did you feel being a citizen that country? How did the form of government affect the decisions that were made and the say you had in the government?( For example if you were part of the Dictatorship group, how did you feel about not having a choice in the decision of their country? (10 minutes)

Have your answers changed about government, and the best form of government?

What do we expect of a democratic government and how is this different from the role of government in other countries?

You will be assessed for understanding on the basis of their participation in the activity.

Lesson 2:

Big Question: How do the different levels of government in Canada affect you?


Identify the three levels of government in Canada: Federal, Provincial, and Municipal

Understand that the Canadian Government is a constitutional monarchy, where our Parliamentary system contains three branches, the Legislative, the Executive and the Judiciary.

Discussion: What type of government does Canada have? (Representative Democracy)

How is this different from Direct Democracy?
“How has government affected you since you woke up this morning?
Explore notes and handouts on Canadian Government... See notes in class.

See below and download if needed:

Government notes -

Reference links:

Government notes -

Reference links: