Monday, February 13, 2012

Sun for a Day - Leboldus Spend a Day

On Wednesday, February 15, we have the grade 8 Leboldus Spend a Day.
The grade 8's will engage in activities for grade 9 team building (you will meet
the other future grade 9's from the feeder schools), participate in mini-lessons for
grade 9 in a variety of subjects.

Lunch is provided, but if you have allergies, bring a lunch.
(Usually we are served pizza).

We will leave shortly after 9 am and stay at Leboldus until 3:00.

If I receive more information, I will post it asap.
Ms. Stewie

Grade 8 Math Quiz

Thursday, February 16... grade 8 math quiz on multiplying and dividing fractions and whole numbers. Basically 6.1 - 6.3 concepts.

Making a Difference... One Penny or Loonie at a Time!

The students at Deshaye have been participating in a CSCC (Home and School) Fundraiser, "Pennies for the Playground". Thanks to all who have given their support! Feel free to bring other forms of money like silver and bills!

In addition to this fundraiser, we are also raising money for Holy Childhood Mission for Lent. Students will be playing Bingo on Tuesday to help raise money for this cause. A bingo card is $1... seems like such a small amount to help make a difference around the world!