Monday, March 19, 2012



The students are getting an opportunity to preview their grades for the Term 2 reportcards. In some cases, students have lost some marks due to NHI's (Not Handed In assignments). Students are given one VERY LAST CHANCE TO COMPLETE THESE NHI'S for Thursday (this gives 2 more days...). Yes I know that previous OVERDUE LISTS have been POSTED WEEKLY in the classroom. However, I noticed that students sometimes are more ready to realize how these NHI's can impact their grades. 

If you need more information, assignments have been collected by the grade 7/8's in their portfolio. And it has been up to them to update and add these assignments to their portfolio, as class time is given for this task. An "electronic portfolio" can also be examined via your child's blog. Please visit: to see your child's posts. Your child can login and "show you around" the site. Students post assignments for Religion, Social Studies and ELA in this area on a weekly basis.

Again, if you have any further questions about assignments, please refer to your child's binder for a printed copy, the kidblog posts (many grades are posted privately to the student in the comments area) or of course this blog for more information.

Report cards can be an "exciting time" and an opportunity for students to reflect on their learning progress and output over the last few months. Please encourage your child to check the posted grades and see if there are any assignments that they need to complete.

Ms. Stewart-Mitchell

No Skiing on Tuesday


Alas, there will be no skiing at Mission Ridge on Tuesday, March 20th, due to the warm weather. Students will be refunded the appropriate amount for skiing or returned cheques etc...

We will look for other opportunities for Outdoor Ed. that will reflect warmer temperatures....