Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Important Dates

Dystopia stations

ELA/French Homework

Being that there was quite a few students away today, it was best to just focus on lessons and assignments which students can do on their own.

1. Blog your Meeting #5/Section #5 Inferences from the Novel and Author's message. This is the same assignment which you were discussing in groups, only now you are composing your answers into 2 well written paragraphs. Be sure to incorporate the questions for #2 and #3 into your response.
Responses are to be written in proper paragraph format with an  introduction (novel name and author name); body (includes answers with explanation and support or "proof" from the novel - include page numbers if possible; and conclusion which incorporates your own personal reaction.

*Be sure to take a look at other group members' work to see the overall expectations and framework for paragraphing.

2. Character Fakebook - Be sure to add more interactions between characters in your Fakebook page. There was an assignment sheet given over a month ago for this, that explicitely explains what you need to include. In addition to this, a rubric was also given THAT YOU NEED TO EXAMINE, so you know if you are on the right track.

3. Edmodo - Ensure you are on the right track and keeping up with the Interschool Edmodo assignments. One comment I received from another Teacher Leader is to ensure that students answer all questions and be sure to be specific in their responses.

Lastly, there was no Social. Instead there was French. The Olympic Bingo Cards are due Friday. Be sure to colour them.

Other Homework