Thursday, March 25, 2010

Math New Unit --- Volume

We are learning about Volume now!!!
To get ready to work out those formulas, click on the Youtube video below.

The Volume Video... That voice who is narrating sounds just like Michael Jackson
This movie teaches students how to find the volume of a solid figure. Learn how to solve and find the volume of a 3D shape using length times width times height. Includes the volume song.

*Try not to laugh too much at the way the narrator says "box" (or "baux")

Volume of a Cube Formulas and images on:

* Copy/paste into your browser window.

cube = a 3 *** In  a cube all the sides are the same length.

Which is the same as Volume = side x side x side
or V = length x width x height* Remember all the sides are the same units.

rectangular prism V = l x w x h 
V = B x h  ( if the base is calculated for you)   or    V= l x w x h

right triangle prism   
V = (base of triangle x height of triangle divided by 2) x height of prism
or V = (b x h  / 2 ) x H

irregular prism = b x h
*** Calculate the area of the Base

cylinder = b h = pi r 2 h
V = (pi  x  r 2) x h    *"pi" is a sign that I can't type on here.
                              * pi = 3.14   
                             * the small 2 means square the number or multiply the number by itself ex: 2 squared is 2 x 2 = 4.

Expository Writing Tips

Introduction to Expository Writing Song - It actually pretty much sums up expository writing, and the guy can actually sing!

The Expository Essay

An expository essay attempts to explain the subject to the audience. This may be accomplished by explaining a process, comparing or contrasting two items, identifying a cause-effect relationship, explaining with examples, dividing and classifying, or defining. Depending upon the particular type of expository essay being written, the order of presentation of supporting details may vary. The process essay will employ chronological (time) order; the essay which compares or contrasts, explains with examples, or divides and classifies may use an order of importance (most-to-least important or least-to-most important); the essay which employs causal analysis may identify a cause and then predict its effect or start with the effect and seek to identify its cause.

The Expository Essay Goal:
Expository writing seeks to inform, explain, clarify, define or instruct.

The general characteristics of expository writing include:

•focus on main topic

•logical supporting facts

•details, explanations, and examples

•strong organization


•unity and coherence

•logical order

•smooth transitions

Expository writing appears in and is not limited to letters, newsletters, definitions, instructions, guidebooks, catalogues, newspaper articles, magazine articles, manuals, pamphlets, reports and research papers.

Example Prompts:
•Describe the cause and effects of pollution in the environment. Narrow your topic to one form of pollution, such as something that causes air, water or land pollution.

Here's another EXPOSITORY WRITING SONG... I know you want to download it to your ipod, just listen to what she has to say.... Just turn down the volume.